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Israel approves former top general as cyber security chief

Portnoy. PHOTO envizionmed MEDIA

Jerusalem, Israel | Xinhua| Israeli cabinet approved on Sunday the appointment of the former general Gaby Portnoy as the country’s head of cyber at the National Cyber Directorate.

A statement issued by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office said the ministers voted in favor of the appointment.

Portnoy, a 52-year-old former brigadier general in the Israel Defense Forces, was handpicked as the chief of cyber security by Bennett.

He currently serves as the chief operating officer of the Israel-based high-tech firm EnVizion Medical. Portnoy will replace Yigal Unna, who stepped down in January.

The National Cyber Directorate is the main body in charge of defending Israel’s cyberspace and building its cyber strength, according to a separate statement issued by the prime minister’s office.

The directorate works to increase the protection of Israeli citizens and organizations by dealing with numerous daily cyber-attacks and in preparing for emergencies, according to the office.

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