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Irregularities cited in distribution of NRM motorcycles in Pader

Pader, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaders in Pader district are divided over irregularities in the distribution of motorcycles meant for mobilization for the 2021 general elections.  

In September, the district received 23 motorcycles from the NRM party headquarters. It was meant to be given out to 21 NRM Sub County Chairpersons to ease mobilization and party activities.

But the nine sub-county chairpersons of Bong Tiko, Puranga, Ajan, Pot Ogali and Lunyiri among others did not receive the motorcycles.

They accuse the Pader District NRM executive committees of giving out the motorcycles to relatives for non-party related activities.

Peter Okello, the NRM Chairperson for Laguti Sub County says that the irregularities in the distribution processes have caused discontent among those who missed.

He added that those who missed the motorcycles have threatened to abandon their allegiance to the party and need to mobilize for the NRM candidates and the party chairperson Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the 2021 general elections.

Alfred Okello, the Ajan Sub County NRM Chairperson says that he is unwilling to inject his income to mobilize for the party`s activities when a few sections of people want to benefit from what is meant for everyone.

Richard Onyergiu, the NRM General Secretary for Pader says that the Sub County party chairpersons who missed the motorcycles have vowed to frustrate the party`s activities.  

Onyergiu has also been accused of irregularly receiving the motorcycle since he was not included on the list of beneficiaries.

He, however, said that the district party executives agreed to distribute the motorcycles among themselves to also help them facilitate the party`s activities.  

But Richard Odoch Olak, Acholi Sub Regional Head of Mobilization for NRM has directed all the party`s district executives to handover the motorcycles to the Sub County whom he said are the rightful beneficiaries.

He threatened to arrest them if they fail to do that before the end of this week adding that those are fraudsters.



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