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Iran warns of ‘World War III’

The skies over The Middle East are tense already

 Iranian FM warns US or Saudi attack would trigger ‘all-out’ war: CNN

Tehran, Iran | AFP |  Iranian FM has warned that a US or Saudi attack would trigger ‘all-out’ war, CNN has reported.

This came hours after Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused Iran’s foes Thursday of agitating for war, as Washington and its Gulf allies stepped up their rhetoric over twin attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

“‘Act of war’ or AGITATION for WAR?,” Zarif tweeted, in apparent reference to remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accusing Iran of responsibility for Saturday’s attacks, which sent world energy markets into a tailspin.

“This was an Iranian attack… an act of war,” Pompeo said Wednesday, as he began a Gulf tour to discuss Washington’s response.

Yemen’s Iran-aligned Huthi rebels have claimed responsibility for Saturday’s strikes, but the US says it has concluded the attack involved cruise missiles from Iran.

Saudi Arabia, which has been bogged down in a five-year war in Yemen, has said Iran “unquestionably sponsored” the attacks and the weapons used in them were Iranian-made, but has not directly blamed its regional rival.

Zarif charged there was a conspiracy by Iran’s regional foes to “try to deceive” President Donald Trump into war.

“They’re still paying for much smaller #Yemen war they were too arrogant to end (four years) ago.

“For their own sake, they should pray that they won’t get what they seek,” Zarif warned.

The attacks on Saudi energy giant Aramco’s Abqaiq processing plant and Khurais oilfield halved the kingdom’s oil output.

Iran has repeatedly denied US and Saudi accusations that it arms the Huthis.




  1. there us no way the Huthi are capable of such a strike deep into Saudi Arabia..more so striking the well defended oil fields
    this is Iran with Russian technology

  2. How about Israel ? The only country that would wish a war btn Iran and US is Israel. And if am mistaken, it’s Israel and some American individuals that attacked Saudi just to trigger a war.

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