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iPhone 15: Apple forced to ditch lightning charger

Image via @theapplehub

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Apple has confirmed its new iPhone will not feature its proprietary lightning charging port, after the EU forced the change, BCC reported on Sept.14.

The tech giant said that the iPhone 15, unveiled at its annual event on Tuesday, would use a USB-C cable as the “universally accepted standard”. A new Apple Watch series was also unveiled with a more advanced chip. But one analyst said a lack of “headline-grabbing” updates from Apple this year would disappoint some.

“It isn’t a surprise given the maturity of the iPhone and Watch,” said Ben Wood from CCS Insight. “It reflects just how refined the iPhone and Watch devices are and how tough it has become to deliver truly disruptive updates every year.” Apple released a USB-C-to-lightning port adapter for £29 ($36).

The product connects the lightning port accessories people will have built up over the years to its new USB-C-enabled iPhones or iPads.

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