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The Independent: What next as Museveni loses ‘cadre judges’?

The top stories in this week's The Independent. Get your copy at the nearest news stand
The top stories in this week’s The Independent. Get your copy at the nearest news stand

What next as Uganda President Yoweri Museveni loses `cadre judges’?: Chief Justice Bart Katureebe will be 70-years old in 2020 and, under current law, he must retire then. That is four years away but already anxiety is mounting about who will replace him.

Danger from Museveni’s new permanent secretaries: President Yoweri Museveni’s recent reshuffle of Permanent Secretaries is the latest sign of his ad hoc way of appointing government officials which experts warn is detrimental to public service.

In the US, chickens come home to roost: How Trump won not because he violated American values but because he upheld American vices.

South Sudan crisis strains Uganda’s exemplary refugee welcome: Uganda is celebrated around the world for providing refugees with the land and resources to become self-sufficient.

RDB steps up campaign to promote domestic tourism: Rwanda’s latest domestic tourism campaign dubbed “Tembera U Rwanda-Jump on the Bus” is geared towards marketing attraction sites to domestic tourists.

Memorials of Genocide: Rwanda hosts experts meeting in bid for UNESCO Heritage status.

Missing voice of Uganda football: Tribute: Andrew Patrick Luwandagga.

Without a vaccine the AIDS epidemic can still end, UNAIDS boss: Over the years, the HIV/AIDS discussion has changed from tackling transmission to treatment and prevention.

Kenyan cooperative insurer makes bold move in Uganda: CIC Insurance Group seeks Shs7.25billion in share offer to fund expansion.

Tough festive business: Food prices remain high as service companies offer cuts.

Quality Chemicals plans IPO?: Ugandan bourse managers say pharmaceutical firm’s latest plans no different from past claims.

Engineer Dr. Dorothy Okello sparkles in male- dominated profession: In 1992 Dorothy Kabagaju Okello set a record as the first woman to attain a First class degree in a male dominated course – Electrical Engineering – from Makerere University in Kampala.

Top 10 Worst Driving Habits: It is quite common that soon after taking one of the most nerve-wracking tests a person can take, the dreaded driving test, many of us pick up bad habits.

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