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THE INDEPENDENT: Kaweesi case divides police, CMI, ISO

Top stories in the The Independent this week. Get your nearest copy from the nearest news stand

In The Independent this week:

Kaweesi case divides police, CIID, CMI, ISO: Main investigator was sidelined by Kayihura

Motor vehicle inspection deal: Is the mandatory vehicle inspection exercise manned by multinational company, SGS worth it for Uganda?

Africa through North Korean eyes: Why this communist state, with per capita income like ours, manufactures nuclear weapons and satellites while we can’t.

FDC WhatsApp fight intensifies: Muntu group wants Besigye to show results of 2016 elections


Rwanda makes history: Kagame becomes first African leader to address powerful Israel lobby group.

S.C. Johnson supports female entrepreneurship in Rwanda.

Regional cargo tracking eased: The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has become the third East African region country to commission the regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS). The Independent talked to Richard Tusabe, the Commissioner General, RRA, about the new system.

Rescued albinos: Rejected by father, these boys found voice in music.

Kyambadde shrugs off `Buy Uganda’ critics: BoU’s Mutebile leads call for export driven policy instead.

How often do we need to go to the gym?: (And other exercise questions answered)

What is cholesterol ratio and why is it important?: Working out a person’s cholesterol ratio helps a doctor determine risk of disease.

Tough search for `Ugandan art’: “What constitutes Ugandan art?” is what inquiring minds are asking artists flaunting their so-called Ugandan art.

You can only be a child #once exhibition.

Volkswagen targets Sub-Sahara: One car likely to benefit is the Volkswagen Polo.

Sheila Kawamara: Born to fight for rights: Sheila Mukabakoba Kawamara Mishambi was the founding executive director of Uganda Women’s Network.

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