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Huawei hosts 2023 Africa 5G Summit

Photo via @Huawei

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Africa 5G Summit, a prominent event within the sixth Southern Africa Mobile Broadband (MBB) VIP Salon, underscored the pivotal role of 5G in shaping Africa’s business landscape.

Hosted by Huawei and held during AfricaCom, the continent’s largest technology conference, the summit convened industry leaders, government regulators, and representatives from various organizations to exchange insights on 5G development strategies and industry experiences.

Themed “5G Lights Up Africa Together Towards Business Success,” the summit addressed key topics, including the continuous development of value-added networks for 5G by operators in Southern Africa. Discussions also delved into enhancing the 5G network experience, expediting the growth of fixed wireless access (FWA) industries, and realizing overall 5G business success.

Richard Liu, President of Global Carrier Marketing and Solution Sales Dept at Huawei, emphasized the need for ongoing localized innovation in Africa and urged collaborative efforts across the sector to establish a digital Africa.

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