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How Venezuelan ‘fixed’ Ruto as President-elect – Julie Soweto


Lawyer Julie Soweto. PHOTO @Kenyajudiciary

Nairobi, Kenya  | THE STAR KENYA |  Venezuelan Jose Camargo is the one who decided who the President of Kenya would be,  lawyer Julie Soweto has told the Supreme Court.

Soweto on Friday demonstrated to the court how the staging of results was happening in the IEBC portal.

“You are tech savvy and you can access the IEBC portal. I’m asking that we go to the forms portal,” she said.

In Murang’a county, in Gacharaigu Primary school, Soweto showed the court how Camargo made maneuvers in the server.

The foreigner was one of the Venezuelans who was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on charges of interfering with the election.

Camargo was arrested together with Joel Gustavo Rodríguez García and Salvador Javier Suarez on July 21 while carrying election materials.

They were also said to be employees of Smartmatic International B.V, the company procured by IEBC to provide technology for the August 9 election.

Soweto made the live video presentation to demonstrate discrepancies from the IEBC’s public portal.

The name “Jose Camargo” was at the left side of the form.

“This person is the one who was interfering with the results. This is on the 9th August and we were told they were not there,” she said.

“We were told by Gumbo there were no foreigners in this election. We were told they did not have access to the servers. At the top left corner we have the name of Jose Camargo.”

She said the forms were intercepted and had time to decide which once they could manipulate before sending them to the portal.

The Venezuelan name is at the left side of the form. The Star

“This person is the one who was interfering with the forms, a crump was left by God’s grace, we found something… we didn’t make this up, we were told we made this up. This is how the staging, the changes were happening.”

The advocate also raised questions on the IEBC stamp that looked like it had been fixed on the form.

According to the form, the total votes cast indicated 321 but when the votes were added it was 316.

“A close scrutiny of the form shows that the number was probably 455 and the 5 is actually similar to figures written in the votes cast. But somebody or somehow, that figure has been changed to make it look like 488,” she added.

Soweto further demonstrated how a single KIEMS kit transmitted results from different locations.

“How can the same KIEMS kit transmit from two different locations; Mt. Elgon and Nyeri?… Because of time I cannot demonstrate the thousands of forms we have identified with the same issue,” she said.

Before Soweto came in to demonstrate, Lawyer Paul Mwangi said Camargo left his fingerprints on the forms.

“We believe that these are the fingerprints of one of the suspects of the theft of this election,” Mwangi said as he showed the court the form 34A from Gacharaigu Primary School.



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