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Hoima residents abandon hand washing

A man washing his hands.This strategy is slowly being abandoned by Hoima Residents yet it is crucial in the fight against COVID-19.

Hoima, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Residents of Hoima Municipality are abandoning hand washing. 

Frequent hand washing is being implemented world over as a basic protective measure against the new coronavirus disease. According to the World Health Organisation, washing hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses and can prevent coronavirus from spreading.

Hand washing containers were set up in various public places in Hoima Municipality.  However, most residents have abandoned the practice of raising concerns from medical workers. 

In places along the Lake Albert shores, most homes do not have the handwashing facilities yet in the past few months following the outbreak of the pandemic, most homes had the facilities.   

Christine Asiimwe, a resident of Kaiso landing site in Hoima district says most of them have given up on handwashing because they are frustrated about the on-going lockdown.

Brian Atugonza, a resident of Kigorobya Sub County says that since no COVID-19 death has been registered in the district and the country, people are reluctant to wash their hands. 

Umar Kakooza, a resident of Kinubi, a suburb of Hoima town says that the government should focus on measures to combat the spread of the virus by the truck drivers rather than emphasize hand washing.    

Dr Joseph Ruyonga, the Hoima District Health officer says hand washing is not only important in combating COVID-19 but other diseases as well. 



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  1. Kagaba Muhumuza

    Is Hoima the only town where handwashing has been abandoned? Your reporting should be balanced to paint a clear and accurate picture..for example as compared to other parts of the country is the situation unique? It appears from your reporting that Hoima is delinquent.

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