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Four important immune system supplements to keep you healthy during the pandemic

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SCIENCE | COVID-19 | Never before has it been so important for citizens worldwide to boost their immune systems. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to gain victims in every country, people are looking for ways that they can naturally strengthen their own body’s defenses against this fatal infection.As millions of people follow strict quarantine and social distancing regulations in every country, many are wondering if wearing masks and using hand sanitizer is enough. Without a healthy immune system, an infection of this kind of coronavirus bacteria could be very serious.

The good news is, that there are many natural ways through your diet with which you can give your immune system the improvement it needs. Along with following the recommended CDC guidelines, strengthening your immune system is possible, especially when adding the right nutrients and vitamins through daily supplements from Designs For Health. Let’s look at a few supplements that can help you boost your immunity.


When your body is under stress, it puts a huge strain on your immune system. Your body needs to work harder to deal with mild inflammations while under stress not leaving enough strength in your system to efficiently deal with invasions of infection or bacteria. Omega-3 amino acids work to reduce cellular stress that can lead to strain on your immune health. Adding foods like fish, fish oils, algae or a blended supplement can help your body to fight back against infection.


The healthy bacteria that make up general probiotics can help to boost your immune system. The role of probiotics is to ensure the healthy processing of nutrients while providing a strong barrier against harmful bacteria and inflammation. Your immune response is often kicked into high gear when you have inflammation in any part of your body making it less capable of dealing with an external infection. Foods that are fermented like kefir and sauerkraut contain good levels of probiotics. Yogurt is one of the most commonly preferred sources of probiotics and is tolerable for most people.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a vital role in the production of antimicrobial peptides throughout the body. These peptides contain essential antibacterial and antibiotic properties that help the immune system to fight off foreign bacteria like COVID-19. Apart from spending time in the sun, which is the most common natural source of Vitamin D, you can add a supplement to your diet to ensure that you don’t become deficient, especially during the time spent in quarantine.


Curcumin is the extract that gives Turmeric the orange-yellow pigment and distinct flavoring. Known for its powerful antioxidant properties, Curcumin works to support many of the systems in the body including immune health. Curcumin has been proven to promote a healthy immune cell response when the body is threatened by infection or harmful bacteria. Taking pure natural forms of Curcumin in your diet can be effective, however, adding a blended supplement can aid in proper absorption at the cellular level giving you better results.

In the age of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to ensure that your immune system is as strong and healthy as possible. Following quarantine restrictions, social distancing guidelines including wearing a mask in public and adding one of these important supplements to your diet can help boost your natural defenses.


  1. Keeping yourself healthy during the current pandemic situation is a major task for everyone out there. The four important immune system supplements that you have shared to keep us healthy will surely be helpful for all of us in facing the pandemic with a better health and immune system.
    Thank you for sharing this useful and informational article with us and letting us know about this important immune system supplements. Keep sharing more such articles like this in the future also.

  2. In articles like these, It’s never indicated how much of any supplement should be taken.

  3. Yes how much of each??? I’m confused. We take 1000mg, Vit.C, 2000 iu of D, Multi Vitamin and 65mg. of Iron. Help we are on a limited income and can’t afford to get the wrong type.

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