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Former NUP coordinator denies attacking Gulu office

The youth held a processin before attacking NUP office. Photo by Emmy Daniel Ojara

Gulu, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | The former Northern Regional Coordinator for the National Unity Platform (NUP), Tonny Olanya Olenge has distanced himself from being part of a gang that attacked the party`s office in Gulu City.

On Monday morning rowdy youths and a section of some disgruntled NUP party coordinators in Acholi stormed the NUP Gulu Office and destroyed several documents, office premises and equipment.

They also assaulted some officials at the office and walked away with three office laptops and two phones.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the NUP`s party spokesperson consequently issued a press statement pinning Olenge for masterminding the attack on their office due to grievances following his expulsion from the party recently over misconduct.

‘’These youths went to the office pretending to be NUP members with grievances, yet they intended to wreak havoc and humiliate our leaders! The one who led the pack, Tony Olenge used to be our coordinator when we asked to step aside months ago due to misconduct. We understand he is now an NRM mobilizer.’’ Read part of the letter.

Samuel Obedgiu, the new Northern Region NUP Coordinator also alleged that information they obtained indicated that Olenge was part of the planning that led to the attack on the office located along Timothy Okee Road in Pece-Laroo division.

Olenge, however, said on Tuesday that he is saddened by the statement of Ssenyonyi which he described as false, baseless and complete blackmail, aimed at creating public empathy and sympathy for the internal wrangles within the party.

Olenge who equally expressed concern over the NUP`s office attack asked the party`s leadership to seek amicable conflict resolution methods to the outcry of some of its members and supporters instead hurling allegations.

He threatened to sue Senyonyi if he does not withdraw the statements within twelve days starting on Tuesday this week.

Olenga noted that he is concentrating on rallying votes since he wants to contest as the Member of Parliament for the Northern Region as an independent.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson says that the matter has since been reported to police in Gulu and is being investigated under GEF 23/2020.



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