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Floods destroy gardens, bridges in Bududa

Floods ravaged several bridges in Bududa district.

Bududa, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Floods triggered by heavy rains have left a trail of destruction in Bududa district. Major rivers in the district such as Ukha, Ulukusi and Suume burst their banks on Thursday evening following heavy rains that lasted for two hours.

The floods destroyed crop gardens and bridges. The most affected villages include Tunwatsi and Ukha in Nametsi parish, Bukitoyi and Bumasime villages in Bundesi parish, and those along the banks of Ukha, Ulukusi and Suume rivers.

Cosima Mangongo, the local council one chairperson of Bukitoyi village says that he had crossed to the neighbouring village to buy food for his family when the heavy rains started. He says that the floods swept away the bridge connecting Bukitoyi to Bumasime where he had gone shopping.

He also says that bridges like that of Bukitoyi leading to Makukye and Kuushu trading centre to Tunwatsi in Nametsi are also no more. He told URN that he was waiting for the water to reduce before crossing back to his home.

Bernard Wakoba, a resident of Bumasime says that Ukha river washed away most of the crops and flooded several roads paralyzing the movement of residents.

Geoffrey Wabusha, a resident of Namestsi says floods from river Ukha which burst its banks destroyed his crops. Wabusha is worried about how he will survive with his family especially during these hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone is lamenting poverty.

Michael Tsebeni, a resident of Nametsi says two houses in Nametsi were swept by mudslides.

Bosco Wanyenya, the Bundesi LC V councilor has asked all residents in risky areas to relocate because of the heavy rains pounding the district. Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi, the Bududa district LC V chairperson says that they have already alerted the Office of the Prime Minister about the disaster and called for calm from the affected residents as they wait for the feedback.



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