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Flood victims in Buliisa protest delayed resettlement

Residents flee houses submerged by floods in Buliisa. File Photo

Buliisa, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | More than 3,500 families affected by floods that resulted from the rising water levels of Lake Albert in Buliisa district are protesting their delayed resettlement by the government.

The floods displaced thousands of people in Butiaba and Kigwera sub counties and Butiaba town council in Buliisa district since March 2020. The floods submerged several homes destroying household property.

The most affected people are from Wanseko, Katanga, Masaka landing sites in Kigwera sub county and Kawaibanda, Butiaba, Boma, Kigangaizi, Tugombili and Walukuba.

Others are Bugoigo, Kamagongoro, Kigungu, Serule, Piida, Waisoki, Triangle and Magali in Butiaba sub-county, Kabolwa and Kigoya landing sites in Buliisa sub-county. In August 2021, the government promised to acquire land and resettle the flood-affected victims.

The pronouncement was made by Robinah Nabbanja, the Prime Minister of Uganda when she visited the area to ascertain the degree of destruction made by the floods onto the people of Buliisa but to date, the flood victims are stuck in churches and schools where they took refuge while others sleep under trees as floods continue ravaging the area.

Nabbanja then tasked leaders in Buliisa district to work closely with her office to ensure that the resettlement plan is worked on. She however did not specify when and where OPM will resettle the flood victims.

Charles Bigirwenkya, a resident of Butiaba landing site whose four houses were submerged by the floods is wondering why the government has not fulfilled its pledge of resettling them yet they continue to undergo untold suffering as a result of the floods that ravaged the area.

Fred Musinguzi, another affected person at Kabolwa landing site explains that it is wrong for the government to just look on yet they are suffering without allocating them any assistance adding that the only thing government can immediately do to rescue the situation is by acquiring land and resettle them so that they can start a new life.

Godfrey Tibenda, also affected person says for the last two years, they have suffered enough but government has kept a deaf ear despite several pleas made to the government to have them resettled.

Fred Lukumu, the Buliisa LC5 chairperson says as leaders, they have profiled the victims and provided the government with all the particulars and details of the affected persons wondering why government has taken long to have the flood victims resettled yet they continue to live under harsh condition.



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