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FDC loses Kabale municipality youth committee elections


Kabale, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  The Forum for Democratic Change- FDC party has lost the youth committee elections in Kabale District.  On Wednesday the electoral commission conducted elections for the municipality, city and division youth committees. 

The National Resistance Movement- NRM party won all the nine positions that Youth Committee Chairperson, vice-chairperson, general secretary, publicity secretary, secretary for female youth, secretary for student affairs, secretary for labour affairs, secretary for sports and culture and secretary for finance. 

However, FDC’s Anthony Muhwezi who was defeated by NRM’s Ronald Bagamuhunda for the Committee Chairperson position the elections were marred by bribery. He claims that the Resident District Commissioner Kabale Darius Nandinda bribed each youth with 30,000 shillings to vote only NRM candidates. 

Muhwezi also criticized the heavy deployment of police saying it was aimed at intimidating the voters.

Martha Abeneitwe who lost to NRM’s Fortunate Nabimanya for the committee’s secretary for female youth position questioned why the election that was supposed to be held in Kabale municipal stadium ended up at the office of the Electoral Commission which is a few meters away from Nandinda’s house. 

However, Bagamuhunda refuted the bribery allegations. He said that the NRM’s win was as a result of unity and organization among the youths. 

Nandina also refuted allegations of bribery. He says that he only met the youth to organize them so that NRM wins the election.



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