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EU commits to supporting Uganda’s development programmes

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The European Union will continue to support Uganda’s development agenda as it continues to engage Kampala on a few Human Rights concerns and democracy, the bloc ambassador to Uganda, Jan Sadek, said.

Speaking at a function to celebrate Europe Day in Kampala last week, Sadek said the continuous dialogue with the government over the matter indicates that they have Uganda at heart.

“The EU takes a great interest in Uganda. The EU wants to build a strong partnership with Uganda, on the political side, on cooperation, and trade and investment, working with all segments of Ugandan society. We have a continuous and broad-based dialogue with the Government, and we share the same views in many areas,” Sadek said.

“But as friends and partners, we also speak out when we have different view. There is no secret that we disagree about the new Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which contradicts universal values and threatens the safety and dignity of a group of citizens. We believe it is important to be able to have a frank exchange also about such matters,” He added

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