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Bird strike forces Uganda’s Bombardier back on ground

FILE PHOTO: The Bombardier

Entebbe, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | For the second time in a week, a flight from Entebbe International Airport has been disrupted by a bird strike. A Uganda Airlines CRJ-900 ‘Bombardier’ was forced to abandon flight UR-710 at 3.45pm on Monday, after a bird strike during take off.

According to the Aviation Herald, “a Uganda Airlines Canadair CRJ-900, registration 5X-KNP performing flight UR-710 from Entebbe (Uganda) to Johannesburg (South Africa), was climbing out of Entebbe’s runway 17 when the crew stopped the climb at FL100 due to a bird strike.”

According to the Aviation Herald, the Bombardier entered a hold for about 70 minutes, then proceeded to land on Entebbe’s runway 17 about 95 minutes after departure.

Uganda Airlines Bombardier flight path as it burnt fuel for 70 minutes on Monday, before landing back at Entebbe Airport. SCREEN-SHOT: FLIGHTRADAR24

A replacement CRJ-900 registration 5X-KDP was estimated to reach Johannesburg with a delay of about 4 hours.

The occurrence aircraft was still on the ground in Entebbe 5 hours after landing back

On Tuesday last week, a Turkish Airlines A330 on flight number 606 was forced to return to the ground after a bird strike. It eventually took off 3 hours late with 281 passengers and crew, and landed in Istanbul just 30 minutes off its scheduled arrival time.

This is now the third time in 40 days that a flight from Entebbe was aborted. Reports indicate that on December 11, 2022, a  Brussels Airlines flight from Entebbe was also aborted after a bird strike.


SOURCE: The Aviation Herald



ENTEBBE: Bird strike forces Turkish Airlines back on ground





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