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Endiro Coffee opens new shop at Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa


Chesol Tom, the RDC for Kapchorwa District is assisted by Olympic medalists Jacob Kiplimo and Peruth Chemutai and Endiro Coffee CEO Gloria Katusiime to cut the ribbon as they launch Endiro Coffee at Sipi fall on Nov.13.

Kapchorwa, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A local beverage firm, Endiro Coffee has partnered Lacam lodge to set up its 11th shop at the Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa District to boost the country’s coffee consumption.

Statistics from the Uganda Investment Authority indicates that Uganda is Africa’s largest coffee exporter yet local consumption remains low.

Roger Agamba, managing director, Endiro Coffee Shops said the coffee culture is growing starting from Kampala and is fast spreading in the countryside.

“We have opened at different locations across the country to encourage Ugandans to drink coffee,” he said.

Endiro Coffee CEO Gloria Katusiime said the company that started operations in 2011 now boasts of 11 shops in Uganda, and one in the United States. These include; Kisementi, Naguru, Muyenga, Standard Chartered Bank Head Office, MTN Head office,  Bugolobi, Shell Buwama along Kampala-Masaka road as well as in Iganga, Mbale and now Kapchorwa at Sipi.

She said the company’s coffee growing arm works with more than 250 coffee farmers in Bukalasi, Bududa District, and that plans are underway to include coffee farmers in Kapchorwa to promote Ugandan coffee all over the world.

“Our vision as Endiro is to be a company that partners with others to end child worldwide vulnerability through coffee,” she said.

Katusiime said they set up Endiro Coffee with the goal of ending child vulnerability and to transform the lives of the coffee growers by paying them a premium and supporting them through the coffee value chains.

Diego Angemi, a director of Lacam lodge said they believe in partnerships to promote local communities.

“We believe in partnerships and community empowerment,” he said. “Together, we can create community transformation in the Sebei subregion.”

Kapchorwa District RDC Chesol Tom said he was extremely happy to associate with the launch of Endiro Coffee in Kapchorwa.

“Through this partnership, farmers will be able to get value for the coffee that they will be selling in the market. Our tourism industry is also going to benefit because we get so many visitors here who require good quality food and accommodation,” he said.

Isaac Chemonges, the tourism officer in Kapchorwa said they’re happy and welcome the Endiro Family to Sipi and Kapchorwa.

“We believe this is going a long way to boost the hospitality industry and tourism in Kapchorwa. Kapchorwa is gifted with nature and also grows the best coffee in the World. We encourage you to attach your product to Sipi falls and Land of Athletic champions,” he said.


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