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Education Ministry seeks more time to develop guidelines for reopening of schools

State Minister for Primary Education Rosemary Sseninde says the ministry has not set a date for re-opening of schools. PHOTO via @Parliament_Ug

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Ministry of Education and Sports has asked Parliament for more time to develop and present guidelines that will be followed ahead of the reopening of schools next week.

Rosemary Sseninde, the State Minister for Primary Education told parliament on Tuesday that her Ministry had not set a date for schools to reopen. She added that following the Cabinet meeting on Monday, a select committee was set up to look into the matter.

While addressing the nation last week, President Yoweri Museveni said that education institutions will open on June 4 to only finalists in primary seven, senior four, senior six and those in their final years in Universities and Tertiary Institutions.

He said that the Ministry of Education will be expected to come out with guidelines about their operations during the time. The guidance according to Museveni is to also cover schools in border districts where public transport will remain closed even after June 4.

Following his directive, Parliament last week directed the Minister of Education to urgently present guidelines to be followed as parents and schools prepare for the reopening program.

However, a section of MPs demanded that the government halts the school re-opening program until clear procedures are laid out on how learners will be protected from COVID-19 in schools.

Workers’ MP Margaret Rwabushaija questioned how schools especially in the border districts were going to accommodate teachers and students to avoid unnecessary movements to and from school.

Henry Kibalya, the Bugabula South MP and Busia Municipality MP Geoffrey Macho said that some schools in their areas are still used as quarantine centers.

Kibalya also wondered how boarding schools will maintain physical distancing in dormitories.

Aruu South MP Odonga Otto questioned whether the country was ready to reopen schools without a comprehensive debate on the matter.

Kadaga recounted her previous directive for the Education Ministry to present a statement on the matter immediately.

Sseninde then told MPs that they need more time to develop guidelines.

Kadaga said that the issue was of great importance and needed urgent attention and information. Sseninde pledged to present a statement to Parliament on Tuesday next week.





  1. what plan does the govt has for teachers in term of risk they will go through if schools are to resume?

    • I think students of secondary should star school since most of them are not young which means instructing them will be easy and also they at least upgrade the education sector eg. Making an app for the syllabus of each class, and also allowing students to come with just in case of another incident students just upload their notes on their phones since even the world is going digital

  2. what are the govt plans for risks teachers are going to take in schools if schools are to resume?

  3. Most of these schools had visting days for their schools but to surprise now there are taking advantage of covid-19 to assume business

  4. which sayl does the ministry of education have on private teacher’s unpaid salaries for the past months

  5. As line Ministries prepare SOP for schools and Institutions, mandatory tests should be carried out to all pupils and students as they report. This will allay fears of spread of COVID-19 and ultimately instil comfort amongst learners and parents.

  6. Mandela Lomson

    How will school be next year without candidates? If only candidates are allowed to resume schooling this year.because p.6,s.3,s.5 and may be those in year one will not be promoted without learning this year. Please the government should be mature enough in giving such guidelines.

  7. I think this is not the right time to reopen schools when the country is stil fighting covid19 pademic. My worry is how students wil reach in school premises, how they wil keep social distancing and they wil handle students and teachers who move to and fro. Take an example in boarder districts where there is no transport, how students from other districts wil cross to boarder districts yet transport means are not allowed in them. So this problem wil affect all students in all corners of country. Im of the view that if the schools are to be openned the concerned ministries should first sit, think and make proper arrangements before.

  8. What about people who will operate from home wil it not create fear among students.


  10. Surely,they need 2 harm pupils.everything can wait.all tthose guide lines wont be followed wat abt during bathing?!

  11. Let’s not commercialize education as a sector by taking such a risk in reopening educational institutions without effective planning along the chain of people directly involve in transporting, learning & teaching and accomodation ie: classes & dormitories for borders. So the gov’t should plan adequately for efficiency and accuracy to life of the greater population.

  12. Only prayers

  13. For me I think that they should favour all learners in the country by not only candidates plz it does not make sense

  14. Schools should reopen as planned because we should look at all areas if development in a country without education the country will not run God is the one who protect people

  15. If public transport is not allowed then many students in west Nile who travel immediately after the lockdown in March 20 will miss school because they can no longer travel to Kampala, the mps and ministry of education should look in to this seriously

  16. My advice to the ministry of education is dat I think u guys should first wait to reopen skools coz u should even the teacher’s lives

  17. If the world health organization has said that COVID 19 is not going leave today or tomorrow,u mean education shall be left out and if it is to stay like HIV, should we remain in lockdown, it is better to open in phases instead of opening at once

  18. its gd dat e ministry of education had need more day 4 e reopen of schools coz dos schools at boarder points are at high risk of contracting e virus.

  19. People take education for granted but the world is standing on education and all this happens because of education,me l think mr.president would make it a mandatory as he said before for the finalists to continue, thanks

  20. Let all pupils stay at home until the vaccine is got . then school can reopen because covid 19 is global.

  21. I think its very important to know that Uganda is a dual economist country. All the sectors are interlinked. Opening one,calls for opening the other. The same applies to closing them. If the economy continues to be in this unusual lockdown which has become a business for a number of politicians,these teachers and other workers that you have forced into their homes without any pay,very soon they will be criminals through robberies and such.
    How do you expect a man having a family, staying in town to cater for the family when he was stopped from working and you people are in Parliament ,feasting on their money and shouting that they should not open.
    Wake up Parliament. We too are awake

  22. Let’s not mix ur dirty politics with education,free ugandans

  23. Still wondering what time will classes begin for day scholars especially in urban where a student cant use a boda-boda, yet a taxi is allowing only 7 passangers, and one has to observe kafueeeeeeeee hrs morning and evening…..???!!!!!!!! e’g An S.6 student from Bweyogerere studying from Mengo ss!!

  24. Ronald Rutherford

    Mi advice to ugandans lets be patient en see how politics z leading our country, mps are earning money but others are suffering. So parents shouldn’t lets deir children go to schul til further notice

  25. Elwange Samuel

    Schools must open as the president directed coz some private teachers are doing so bad in urban areas and they may turn to be thieves in an attempt to look for survival mechanism. Some p’ple are saying school must not open due to fear of covid 19 now what if the disease stays for good then do you think uganda will have any future,i think what we have to do is to pray that GOD Should protect our learners while at school.

  26. Ministry of Education should save parents from making double payments by including guidelines on 1st term school and hostel fees.

  27. When mr. president closed schools i went back to my village and thats busia district , am a student at makerere university and a finalist. how will i go back and catch up with my fellow fanalists yet public transport is not yet opened at border districts?

  28. The issue is adapting and living with the virus but nt ruining the future of the young one knws when the vaccine will be got .its aglobal issue yes bt other countries hve already let be in phases

  29. Kiplangat Justus

    These plague is real..and most students are careless.its important went e vaccine is established then shul is reopen

  30. People should think as if the have gone to different levels of academic
    How do you open finalists leaving continuing years and when some finalists have retakes
    That means that it’s indirect registration of dead year
    People have always have a sense of humor as we forget the conditions we passed through when in office thanks

  31. No problem for the decision you’ve got that’s good right!!!! So you decided to favour only Candidates can you please tell me that next year there shall be no Candidates? Is that what you are thinking? please we need to think before getting further discussions let’s not be like the uneducated ones. What I will like to say is that if it is to reopen let P 1 to P7 and S 1 to S6 be reopened if not so then let all of them be lock down. understand?

  32. Mwesigye joram

    Life is more important than anything else in this world, so why the panic? Can’t we wait until the situation is really safe than exposing our children & generally the whole country to this high risk danger?

  33. Jesus the cured the an curable disease Leprosy ,why not have faith in HIM . It a crisis but pray until something happens .

  34. For sure the government is making us anxious,
    Are we rill going back to school or it is a dead year as being predicted.

  35. philan arapkomu

    Let it be a dead year becos hw can u open for candidates only

  36. Kenneth Reigan Okullo

    People what if civic19 continues for like 2,3,4 years, would school remain closed
    . I would advise the MOES to plan well and start with the finalist as directed by the president to see the going.

  37. Akan John Bosco

    De schools can reopen only if the government plans very carefully and adequately implemented all its plans

    • Ideas are becoming interlocked as long the fountain of power and honour as regard to Uganda put a directive on when schools are to open I think wise that he was also briefed and made consultations before so MPS I know we’re informed of this they must say something since they were elected to represent the electorate otherwise we can be wasting tym arguing yet they may not take our concerns

  38. Ideas are becoming interlocked as long the fountain of power and honour as regard to Uganda put a directive on when schools are to open I think wise that he was also briefed and made consultations before so MPS I know we’re informed of this they must say something since they were elected to represent the electorate otherwise we can be wasting tym arguing yet they may not take our concerns

  39. I don’t think we are ready for this. Too many risks. And since there are more community infections now.

  40. onesmus makoome

    its a change due to a global pandemic so let’s start to reopen with few then examine

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