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ELECTIONS: Education Ministry adjusts 3rd term opening date

Alex Kakooza, the Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary confirmed report.

✳ Feb 26 ▶ UCE Briefing
✳ March 1- April 6 ▶ UCE exams
✳ March 26 ▶ PLE briefing
✳ March 30-31 ▶ PLE exams
✳ April 9 ▶ UACE brifing
✳ April 12- May 3 ▶ UACE exams

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | The Ministry of Education has extended the schools opening date for the third term for finalists and learners in candidate classes due to the scheduled general elections.

According to the revised school calendar released in December 2020, the school term which was scheduled to start on January 11, 2021, will now start on January 18, 2021, a few days after the general election. Ugandans will go to the polls on January 14, 2021 to vote for a President, Members of Parliament and district leaders.

Alex Kakooza, the Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary says the change has been made to enable teachers, students and staff working in different educational institutions to participate in the voting.

Teachers and other staff in schools are usually appointed electoral officials to manage the voting process, which makes it difficult for them to be expected in class at the same time. Also, many schools are designated polling stations, meaning the teaching and learning process could be interrupted.

Another source at the education ministry who preferred anonymity says that the one-week extension was made as a precaution to keep learners safe during the election process.

“Elections are scheduled for January 14th. To be on the safe side and make sure that all learners are safe, we decided to extend the dates so that older students like those from universities who might be caught up in the election are kept safe,” the source said.

However, the permanent secretary says the change in opening dates will neither affect the designated duration of the third term nor Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) and other national examinations.

“The examinations will start and end on the already communicated dates. The one week delay should not cause any problems with the examinations and the term,” he emphasized.

NEW UGANDA School-Calendar by The Independent Magazine on Scribd

According to the UNEB timetable, examinations are scheduled to begin on February 26, 2021, with the briefing of senior four candidates, and after that Uganda Certificate of Education-UCE examinations will commence the following week on March 1 running up to April 6, 2021. Other candidates at Primary and A Level will start their examinations with a briefing on March 26 and April 9 respectively.




  1. Will u allow private schools to start early janunery (coaching)

  2. Due to the elections, it’s safe not to start in the early January, for campaigns will be in finals running to elections

  3. And also Covid instructions hope next year will be done

  4. What about the non candidate students please? Any comment?

  5. I think they should be allowed to be back in early january provided they are not voters

  6. what about other students

  7. We would like to get updates about other classes especially sub candidates

  8. What of the Non-candidate classes students, when shall they go back for school?

  9. What of the Non-candidate classes students, when shall they go back for school? And how is the program hopped to be?

  10. i think all classes will open this?

  11. Other classes seem to have been forgotten. And I see them starting first term by may 2021.
    Please I need clarification over this.

  12. This preparation is not bad but I have one thing to ask the ministry of education,how will s 5 and s3 plus p6 learners manage to accomplish all the two classes in one year because all ur goals are on candidates forgetting we non candidates ,mind u we are all learners. Who must go to the next level as candidates go

  13. Kenneth Tumusiime

    As a parent, I am also concerned because i have p.6 student but also one in p.3 and they all want to go back to school. However, one of the concerns comes from the one in p.6 whose school has over 4000 pupils in a single school (the biggest in Uganda). He is wondering whether they will be safe with COVID since they can not expand the buildings to accommodate all the numbers. Thanks.

  14. When will other classes open up


  16. when will other classes go back to school like senior 3,2and1
    thank you very much

  17. when will other classes like senior3,2,1,5 go back to school
    thank you

  18. Mwenda “On January 14th, and contrary to Bobi Wine’s plans, not a single stone will be thrown in Kampala. Whoever dares knows or should know the evil that will be visited upon them. ” Burger just. Tell
    Me of an impartial and analytical journalist who write like that? This burger has downgraded himself so much.

  19. Elections have passed. When will other classes go back to schools?

  20. It’s really good then if semi candidate follow candidate and finalists immediately after presidential election as well as MPs.

  21. Nw that elections are gone please when are semi candidates reportin bak to school

  22. Nw that elections are gone Please wen a semi candidate classes opening

  23. We are tired of being home… Covid is not going away anytime soon… So let people go back and study…. People are getting pregnant etc

  24. Like seriously.. people need to go back and school.

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