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EC starts demarcation of electoral areas in new Mbale city

EC Chairman Simon Byabakama

Mbale, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  The Electoral Commission has embarked on the fresh demarcation of the Electoral areas in the newly created Mbale City, which will be operationalized on July 1, 2020.

Mbale, one of the seven municipalities that were elevated to city status, will have two Divisions from the three that have been part of the Municipality. They include the Industrial Division and Northern Division.

Five Sub Counties make up Industrial Division including the Mother Industrial Division, Wanale Davison, Nauyo Town council and Bukasakya sub-county.  Whilst, the Northern Division Comprises of 7 Sub counties including Northern Division, Nakaloke Town council, Nakaloke, Namabasa, Lwaso, Namanyonyi and Bukonde Sub counties.

“Following the recent approval of Mbale City, the Electoral Commission is undertaking its mandate to demarcate Mbale city and re-demarcate the rest of Mbale district,” the commission said in a letter to the Mbale District Administrative Officer.

According to the Electoral Commission, Mbale City Council Shall have four Directly Elected Councilors; two for each of the divisions, four District Women Councilors; two for every Division, two Youth Councilors per Division, two Persons with Disabilities per Division and two older persons per Division.

Industrial City Division Shall comprise of 26 Directly Elected Councilors from the 26 wards, while the Northern City Division will have 32 City Councilors coming from the 32 Wards, 20 of them being Women to form the 1/3 of the Council as per the Local Government Act.

Meanwhile, Mbale District will remain with the two constituencies of Bungokho County North and Bungokho County South.

According to the demarcations, some sub-counties have been paired while others are left independent depending on the population of the area. The new District Council will now Comprise of 17 Directly Elected Councilors and 11 District Women Councilors Forming 1/3 of the Council.

Mbale District Returning Officer Charles Rebero said that some of the parishes have been combined to ensure that they come up with the 1/3 of the Women Councilors in Council and that it depended on the proximity of the parishes.

He urged the residents of Mbale to adhere and adapt to the changes that have come along with the city adding that the process of demarcation is in its final stages and they will be submitting for printing.    



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