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Drunk teacher arrested invigilating pre-PLE exams

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Kitgum District is holding a teacher of Putuke Primary in Kitgum Matidi Sub County for reporting to school to invigilate pre-PLE examinations while drunk.

The Kitgum Matidi Sub County LCIII Chairperson Thomas Khempis Lapyem says that the arrest of Charles Ayella follows a concern raised by the school head teacher who complained that the invigilator had reported to the school under the influence of alcohol and was causing chaos.

According to Lapyem, on receiving the complaints, they visited the school and found Ayella highly intoxicated and causing commotion while trying to instruct learners who were heading to sit for their pre-PLE examinations.

The LCV Councilor Matidi Sub County Simon Kidega says that Ayella had only reported to school on Monday to invigilate pre-PLE examinations after reportedly absconding from duty for close to two weeks. Kidega says that they will closely follow up on the matter to ensure that the suspect is prosecuted and also brought before the sanction and rewards committee of the district for disciplinary action.

The school head teacher Lilly Grace Lalam says that Khempis had severally made it a habit of exhibiting gross misconduct including persistent absenteeism and drinking during working hours. According to Lalam, this year Ayella has appeared before the teacher’s disciplinary committee, the School Management Committee, and the sub-county leadership for indiscipline.

The Kitgum Acting District Education Officer Fred Owot says the department had not yet received the report although he condemned the incident saying disciplinary actions will be taken against Khempis.




  1. It is un indiscipline by the teacher.

  2. Well, what does the Health Department of the District have to say?

    With due respect to the profession and employer , they are on the right track


    The teacher is relatively unwell, he needs help

    This problem cuts across gender, social status and geographical location

    We make a mistake of assuming that consuming the same amount at the same frequency by different people is expected to have the same outcome

    No, that justifies the need for help

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