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DRC President Tshisekedi meets Hutu, Tutsi

Kabila in meeting with the Tutsi community. PHOTO DRC PRESIDENCY

Kinshasa, DRC | THE INDEPENDENT | DRC President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo has met a delegation of Tutsi Congolese, who he reassured of their safety and security in the country as citizens. The meeting comes a week after he also met leaders of the Congolese Hutu community.

According to a statement from state house, Tshisekedi told the delegation on Thursday that as “guarantor of national unity”, he reassures his guests of his firm determination to see all Congolese, whatever their tribes or ethnic groups, live in cohesion, harmony and this, without any discrimination.

The Congolese Tutsi community condemned any one of them that is involved in the M23 rebel movement in North Kivu. The Tutsi delegation described the M23 as a terrorist movement, and said their visit was to show total support the Head of State and to the institutions of the Republic.

A few days ago, the Head of State had also received a delegation of notables from the Congolese Hutu community to whom he had conveyed the same message.



With the two communities, the Head of State exchanged ways and means of strengthening national unity, of fighting against the scourges of ethnic discrimination, physical stigmatization, racial profiling and separatist desires to some misguided minds.

The representatives of these two communities gave their support to the Head of State, before thanking him for his call for general mobilization.

They reaffirmed their attachment to the homeland and their commitment to defending national sovereignty as full Congolese. The representatives of the Tutsi community, for their part, condemned those who, among them, took up arms against their country.

They denounced the amalgam which is made between Congolese Tutsi and the terrorists of the M23, affirming that the Congolese Tutsi are like all the other Congolese, faithful to their country and they reject the manipulation of Rwanda which imposes this unjust war on the DRC.

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