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DPP appeals widow acquittal in Kasiwukira murder case

Nakungu (left) and Nabikolo

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has appealed the acquittal and subsequent release of Sarah Nabikolo Ssebunya, widow to deceased  businessman Eria Ssebunya Bugembe aka Kasiwukira.

In the notice filed in Court of Appeal, the  DPP says he is dissatisfied with the High Court decision that found Nabikolo innocent of her husband’s murder, but  went ahead to convict and sentence her co-accused Jayden Ashiraf and Sandra Nakungu.

On October 12 2016, Justice Wilson Masalu Musene sentenced both Nakungu and Jayden to 20 years imprisonment  for the murder of Kasiwukira and set Nabikolo free saying prosecution had not proved the case against her.

Justice Musene ruled that there was a common intention formed by Ashiraf and Nakungu to murder Kasiwukira and conceal it as a fatal accident.

Ssebunya was a prominent city tycoon who was part of the Kwagalana Group who own a number businesses in the city. He was knocked dead in October 2014 as he jogged near his home in Muyenga in, Kampala.

However Nakungu who is Nabikolo’s cousin  and Jayden a former police officer attached to Muyenga community  police have since appealed against their conviction and the acquittal of Nabikolo saying they were charged with the same offence.


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