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DPCs cautioned against heavy deployment at roadblocks

Traffic police man a police roadblock. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | District and Division Police Commanders have been cautioned against deploying too many police officers at one roadblock. Traffic police director, Bazir Mugisha said it is erroneous to deploy more than six traffic or general police officers at one checkpoint.

Mugisha said DPCs should deploy the officers optimally to ensure that all places are catered for and that there is enough personnel for all shifts.

Mugisha’s caution comes at a time of heavy deployment at roadblocks across the country to enforce Presidential directives on containing the spread of coronavirus disease. The directives include a night-time curfew, the ban on both public and private transport and the suspension of public gatherings among others which have been in force for the last two months

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson noted that standard police checkpoints must have two tyre cutters placed on both sides of the road and mounted in a place where it can be seen by a driver at least 100 metres ahead.

Onyango explains that tyres and furniture like tables and benches have been used to stage roadblocks in this COVID-19 period because tyre cutters are very few. Besides, each police post, a station must have a checkpoint near their areas of jurisdiction.

Onyango adds that a standard police checkpoint must be commanded by an officer at least at the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police –AIP but in this COVID-19 era where roadblocks are too many, even non-commissioned officers are approved to take lead.

Onyango says an officer who keeps watching as his colleague searches the vehicle must be armed to protect him in case the driver being checked turns violent or has a lethal weapon.



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