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“Do not be afraid”- Archbishop Kaziimba tells Ugandans

Archbishop Kaziimba

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Do not be afraid, even in the face of coronavirus, an imminent threat to the human race, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda the Most Rev. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has told Christians.

His message, delivered in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion made reference to scriptures from the Biblical book of Mathew, where two accounts of Jesus’ resurrection used the same statement amid terrifying events of the day.

The first reference is based on an interaction between an Angel, Mary Magdalene and another Mary who went to see the tomb where Jesus was buried. However, they were suddenly greeted by an earthquake as an Angel descended from heaven and rolled away the stone.

“Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, he has risen, just as he said,” The Angel told the women, who appeared to be trembling in fear.

Moments later, Jesus himself appeared to the same women using the same words; “Do not be Afraid.” From there he commissioned them to go to and tell the disciples that Jesus had risen and from the dead and they were due to meet him in Galilee,” the Archbishop quoted the scripture.

“We have our fears about how to find school fees and food, we fear for our jobs, we still have concerns about politics and the upcoming elections, churches fear where their income will come from when Christians are not allowed to gather on Sundays. And, now, we also have fears because of the return of the locusts in northern Uganda, Karamoja, and Teso,” he said.

Do not be Afraid, Kaziimba reiterated adding that these fears are like stones in people’s hearts which will be washed away through prayer and dedication.

The Archbishop noted that this year’s Easter is very unique since there is no gathering together to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death. But he added that the Church continues to seek God’s face to intervene in the current situation and heal the land from locusts, diseases all forms of suffering and death as a result of coronavirus.

He added that all Church of Uganda dioceses will hold a massive general Thanksgiving on the first Sunday after all restrictions on Church gatherings are lifted.

He said that even during this extraordinary season where lives have been significantly disrupted by the closures of churches, schools, businesses and restrictions on movements, Ugandans need to obey the directives by the government so they defeat COVID-19. He however appealed to the security officers to desist from mistreating citizens.

Kaziimba also appealed to the government to urgently provide health workers with the necessary protective gear as they confront the current crisis.



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