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CURFEW: Policeman shoots dead teenager in Jinja

Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Corporal  James Musandiizi is currently on the run after shooting dead, 16 year old Nelson Waako while enforcing curfew guidelines on Saturday night.

Waako, a resident of Mutai village, in Buwenge sub county, in Jinja district, was reportedly fighting a friend, Ashiraf Binywela in Mutai trading center on Saturday night which attracted crowds to converge within the area.

Curious members of the community alerted police personnel. However on arrival, Musandiizi opened fire at Waako, shot him in the head and killed him instantly. His friend Binywela sustained injuries in his left arm and was taken to Jinja regional referral hospital emergency unit for treatment.

The situation however, angered members of the general public who stormed the police post premises with Waako’s lifeless body, destroyed part of the makeshift residential units, broke into the police cells, released one suspect who was being detained at the facility, before, being dispersed by police authorities.

Police personnel later ferried the deceased to Jinja regional referral hospital mortuary for postmortem.

Binywela says that Musandiizi forced his way through the crowd and shot towards them at close range.

“I had a misunderstanding with my friend at around 10:00pm, we started fighting eprompting our neighbors to converge around the scene. However when Musandiizi arrived, he opened fire before even assessing the situation,” sobbed Binywela.

The deceased’s father, Isooba Nabugere says that his son left earlier in the day and he never returned home, only to be notified that he had been killed in the night.

“It is so hard for me to control my children during this lockdown because there’s no school nor other  co-curricular activities to occupy them,” he says.  “Just imagine, after he left home in the afternoon, he did not return and it is only when I heard of the riots that one of the neighbors called to notify me on how they were protesting over my son’s death,” he says.

The Kiira regional police commander, Dauda Hiriga confirms the incident adding that, efforts of tracking down Musandiizi are underway, but he declined to divulge details.

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