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Museveni locked in intelligence fight

President Museveni

Reports on Tumukunde, Kayihura, Muhwezi, Muhakanizi

In the wee hours of May 9 this year, President Yoweri Museveni was slated to travel to Jinja. But before he could embark on his trip there, he held a key meeting.

The meeting was to discuss findings from an investigation he had asked his handlers to conduct on his Security Minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde. He had called for the investigation following allegations that Tumukunde was closely working with agents in the intelligence organisations to implicate senior officials in government.

Some of the implicated officials included; former Information Minister Jim Muhwezi, Police Chief Kale Kayihura and Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi.

As security minister, Tumukunde supervises both the External Security Organisation (ESO) Internal Security Organisation (ISO). ISO was the main source of the intelligence the president was interested in.

The ISO boss, Col. Kaka Bagyenda, is said to be close to Tumukunde who is a frequent visitor at ISO headquarters in Nakasero.

President Museveni had asked his handlers to look into the intelligence and he was now ready to hear their presentations. Throughout the presentation, the president listened attentively occasionally taking notes. After the meeting, he said he would take action.

But what exactly had pushed President Museveni to call for an overt investigation on his security minister? If as is claimed, Tumukunde and Kaka are busy pumping the President with fake intelligence, their camp appears to also believe they have a strong case against the other camp.  Museveni who is caught in the middle, has resorted to using his own security operatives to check whatever intelligence he receives.

When The Independent spoke to Tumukunde, he distanced himself from the intelligence in question saying he only deals with policy issues.

“I am a policy commander,” he said, “I don’t get in those nitty-gritties. Even when I know, I don’t get involved. You should talk to the DG ISO.”

When The Independent contacted Kaka and a meeting was held at the ISO headquarters in Nakasero in Kampala, he said he stood by the ISO intelligence to Museveni.

“I cannot comment further because such matters shouldn’t be discussed in the media,” he said adding that everything would be proved at an appropriate time.

Museveni’s dilemma now appears to centre partly on the motive behind some of the intelligence in question.


  1. It appears this is the ugly face of greed and power struggle. In other words, when heads of national security agencies spy and undermine each other; the sequential ambivalent relationship can only undermine national security. If nothing is done to to resolve such cold war, treachery can spiral out of control and hell may easily break loose.

  2. The names of all those involved, remind me of Juvenile Habyarimana’s “Akazu” before the Tutsis invaded and overran Rwanda to create their own version of “Akazu”.

    • Your obsession with Rwanda (particularly the “modern one”) can be worrying at times! Are you not what Hon Nambooze likes to refer to as immigrants who get assimilated, only to smuggle in their agenda based on vendetta! The Rwanda of today has no such shenanigans, it’s ran by servant leaders, and whether you like it or not its working!

  3. Sometimes whom they call a crazy guy Tamale talks the truth the conflicts btwn 3 not only 2 security officials are the outcomes of instabilities ​in the country and one side deals with oppositions

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