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Corporal Obbo hailed for arresting his Kamuli bosses in sh75 million case


Police bosses nabbed while reportedly celebrating robbery in a bar

Kamuli, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, has lauded Corporal Obbo, the Officer in Charge of Kiyunga police post in Kamuli district, for arresting two of his seniors who have been accused of of robbing sh75 million belonging to Victoria Sugar Company.

Cpl Obbo arrested Assistant Superintendent of Police Micheal Bulenzibuto and Sergeant Charles Ojanga four days ago, after an eyewitness pinned them for staging the interception and robbery of a vehicle in which the money was being carried. ASP Bulenzibuto and Sgt Ojanga are five and one rank above Cpl Obbo respectively.

At around 9pm on Wednesday last week, Cpl Obbo received information that Victoria Sugar Company driver, Musa Mukaabya, had been intercepted, robbed, and handcuffed by unknown thugs.

Corporal Obbo rushed to the scene and found a handcuffed Mukaabya lying in a trench. Mukaabya narrated that he had been robbed of the company’s money by unknown thugs. Cpl Obbo decided to interact with the locals on whether they had seen the robbers.

One person whispered to Cpl Obbo that the robbers had entered the bar which was about a quarter a kilometer from the alleged robbery scene. The witness also intimated to Cpl Obbo that the driver cooperated and he was seen laughing as he was being handcuffed.

Busoga North Regional Police Spokesperson, ASP Micheal Kasadha, said Cpl Obbo walked into the bar accompanied by area LC3 chairman David Magala. He caught ASP Bulenzibuto, Sgt Ojanga and five others red-handed with the bag containing the money.

Cpl Obbo immediately handcuffed ASP Bulenzibuto, Sgt Ojanga and their accomplices. He put them in jail and then informed territorial police commanders that he had arrested two of his seniors in a robbery.

IGP Ochola, in a statement read by the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, has described Cpl Obbo as a unique and brave officer who withstood threats of seniority, arrested and detained the officers who are supposed to be the custodians of the law.

“The IGP has come out to thank Corporal Obbo for the bravery which he mustered and arrested ASP Bulenzibuto, recovered the 75 million shillings and detaining him at Kiyunga Police Post and then alerted territorial commanders in Kamuli,” Enanga said.

However, in a disgustingly dramatic turn after Cpl Obbo arrested the seven suspects including his two seniors, the LC3 Chairman David Magala stole more than half of the recovered money. Magala took the 75 million shillings to his area of abode and returned only 32 million shillings. The no nonsense Obbo arrested Magala and added him to the seven suspects thus bringing the number to eight.

Details show ASP Bulenzibuto and Sgt Ojanga are attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit –ASTU.

The IGP at the weekend swiftly ordered for the force disciplinary trial of the two accused officers. The Police Court sat at the Busoga North regional police headquarters and convicted ASP Bulenzibuto and Sgt Ojanga. The two were dismissed with disgrace from the Uganda Police Force.

Now civilians, Micheal Bulenzibuto and Charles Ojanga will face full criminal trial n the regular couts of law.

“The two were dismissed because they indulged in gross misconduct. Bulenzibuto and Ojanga were dismissed due to discreditable misconduct. They were returned to cells as civilians and will face charges of aggravated robbery of 75 million in conspiracy with the Musa Mukaabya, the driver of Victoria Sugar Company,” SCP Enanga said.




  1. Bravo Cpl Obbo!

    The UPDF Military Police have a lot to learn from Afande Cpl Obbo, on how to martial the courage to e.g. arrest their seniors like Gen Muhoozi over his incessant indiscipline of making treasonous political statements (tweets) contrary the the UPDF Act.

    • During times when people loved their country this man would be lifted to higher ranks and given a tasks that required such no nonsense people

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