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Coronavirus: COMESA agency issues tough warning to companies

Various companies and individuals are distributing and selling face masks as people need them to protect against easy spread of coronavirus despite not being verified by consumer protection agencies. 

Kampala, Uganda | Julius Businge | The Lusaka based COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) on March 17th issued a warning to companies and individuals that are selling products which are not medically tested and approved which they claim can treat or prevent the world pandemic, coronavirus.

Signed by George K. Lipimile, the director and chief executive officer, the warning statement adds that such companies and individuals are advised to refrain from such conduct as it is contrary to article 27 of the COMESA Competition Regulations.

It adds that if such individuals or companies are found wanting, the commission will not hesitate to apply the provisions of the regulations which include sanctions of up to $300, 000.

Consumers are urged to look out for such scams and report such suspicions either directly to the commission or any consumer protection agency in their country of residence.

The statement also urges consumers to follow advice for prevention of coronavirus from relevant sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease and Prevention including their public health local authorities.

Coronavirus has been declared pandemic by the WHO and has since January 17 when the first case was reported in China disrupted world business. Travels are limited and public gatherings are also restricted in most countries to prevent its further spread.

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