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CHINA: We will take care of Ugandan students like our own


China’s Ambassador in Uganda assured the parents of support. COURTESY PHOTOS

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | China’s Ambassador to Uganda  Zheng Zhu-Qiang has assures parents of students studying in Wuhan that they his country will take care of their children like her own.

The Chinese ambassador on Saturday met with the parents of Ugandan students who are in Wuhan, to learn their situation during the outbreak of coronavirus.

The parents appreciated China’s efforts  to protect their children and said their children are okay in general, with free meals, masks and disinfectants provided by the universities, plus already having online classes at home.

The parents whoever asked the Chinaese embassy to consider complaints that the meals they are receiving are greasy, spicy and salty for them, high prices of groceries, lack of drugs for ordinary illness and finally loneliness, anxiety and idleness at their residences.

Ambassador Zheng Zhu-Qiang said the Embassy would report the complaints to the local government and universities in Wuhan to help the students with their specific needs.

Ugandan students in China have previously demanded that they be flown back but the government said it would instead support them from wherever they are based.

The embassy’s decision to meet the parents is one of the efforts to ensure the students remain confortable as the China government battles to contain the virus.


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