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Cheptegei upbeat about Rome Diamond League

Rome, Italy | THE INDEPENDENT | Long-distance runner Joshua Cheptegei, the current world record holder for the 5000m and 10,000m, is set to compete in the upcoming Rome Diamond League in Italy on Friday, June 2nd.

Cheptegei is anticipated to face formidable competition from a strong field of athletes, including Kenyan runners Nicholas Kipkorir, Jacob Krop, Canada’s Ahmed Mohammed, and Ethiopia’s Selemon Barega, Berihu Aregawi, and Hail Teragun Bekele.

Following his participation in the New York City Half Marathon, Cheptegei has been diligently preparing in Kapchorwa under the guidance of his Management Coach, Addy Ruiter. He is scheduled to depart from Uganda to Rome on May 30th, 2023.

Cheptegei expresses confidence in his improved fitness level compared to his previous preparations for the New York City Marathon. “My body has responded positively to the training schedule designed by Coach Ruiter, and I am now ready,” says Cheptegei.

He adds, “As I mentioned earlier, the Diamond League is a crucial part of my preparation for the World Championships in August, as it helps me gauge my fitness level before the event.” Addy Ruiter, Cheptegei’s training coach, informs Uganda Radio Network that Cheptegei’s enhanced fitness level is a result of his focus on the track season schedules.

“Cheptegei excels in track racing, as he has mastered the art of pacing himself, which bodes well for his performance in Rome,” states Ruiter.




  1. As A Result Of His Improved Fitness Level, Cheptegei is confident that he will be able to compete in the New York City Marathon.

  2. Emmanuel Katto Uganda That’s Great To Hear! It’s always encouraging to see individuals improve their fitness levels and set new goals for themselves. Competing in a marathon is a significant achievement, and cheptegei’s dedication to his fitness will undoubtedly help him succeed in his endeavor. Best Of Luck to him in his training and the upcoming race!

  3. It’s Great to hear that cheptegei has mastered the art of pacing himself in the track racing! This skill will undoubtedly serve him well in the upcoming Rome Diamond League, where he will be competing against other elite athletes. Pacing is a crucial aspect of long-distance running, and it can make all the difference in a race. Cheptegei’s ability to pace himself effectively could give him an edge over his competitors and help him achieve a strong performance in Rome.

  4. Emka It’s great to hear that Cheptegei is feeling confident about his improved fitness level and his ability to compete in the New York City Marathon!

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