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Californians to say ‘cheers’ at hair salons in 2017

Los Angeles, United States | AFP | 

Come Sunday, Californians will legally be able to raise a glass of alcohol while getting a haircut or beard trim at beauty salons and barbershops.

Although the practice of offering complementary wine and beer at such establishments has been going on quietly for years, the new legislation, which goes into effect in 2017, will make it legitimate.

AB1322 will allow beauty salons and barbershops to serve no more than 12 ounces of beer or six ounces of wine by the glass to customers without having to obtain liquor licenses. They will be allowed to serve the complimentary alcohol only during business hours and before 10:00 pm.

The bill was supported by many of the Golden State’s 42,000 beauty salons, which until now had to seek liquor licenses to serve alcohol to customers or do so under the table.

But not everyone is toasting the new measure. Some groups, including the California Alcohol Policy Alliance, say it will give minors easier access to alcohol.

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