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Buvuma residents struggle to resettle after landslides

Part of the area where people’s gardens are have been buried by gardens

Buvuma, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT  Residents affected by fresh landslides in Bukiyindi village in Buvuma district are struggling to find new land for settlement. About 28 residents now have lost houses and gardens from the evolving land movements that started in May this year.   

The slides that started after heavy rains in the area created huge cracks that developed from higher grounds where small streams originate from before running through Bukiyindi village and draining into Lake Victoria.  

The ground movement has now increased from about three to five acres of Land, triggering panic among residents who have lost houses and crops. Cassava, sweet potatoes, and maize gardens have all been buried, while pine plantations have also been shaken.    

The movement has also created a crater that is now getting filled by water from streams weakening the land even more. Elizabeth Namboga, one of the affected residents says they are now living in fear.       

Erisa obbo, another resident says some of the affected residents now spend days under trees and nights in the neighbourhood, wherever they can find shelter. He is worried that once the rains resume the crater of water formed may burst into another residence cell between Bukiyindi hilly grounds and the lake.     

Robert Sokolo, another resident says that the authorities and technical teams have neglected the area yet the problem is just widening. He notes that affected residents are left without any option of resettlement since the nearby land was purchased by a fuel company.   

The Acting Resident District Commissioner Juma Kigongo says that his office, together with the Chief Administrative Officer, has written to the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness to intervene and save the lives that are under threat.  



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