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Busoga kingdom fails to implement development agenda due to budget constraints

The speaker of Busoga Lukiiko, Owek. George William Mutyabule, courtesy photo.

Jinja, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT  |  Busoga Kingdom is struggling to implement its activities due to the absence of a streamlined budget funding, the Kingdom speaker George William Mutyabule has revealed.  According to Mutyabule, most of the activities in their ten-year development agenda drafted in 2014 have largely remained unimplemented due to lack of a clear budget to fund them.   

The development agenda among other issues details activities aimed at empowering different chiefdoms with resources to implement education-related programs and installation of safe water projects within the communities. However, Mutyabule says four years to the expiry of the program, they have failed to realize funding for the projects.

He says although the kingdom has collaborated with some non-governmental organizations to implement different education-related projects, some kingdom officials say the donors are not willing to extend such programs throughout all the chiefdoms, which creates a shortfall on the realization of equitable services to all kingdom subjects.

Mutyabule also says that they are unable to raise salaries for their employees at the kingdom headquarters due to budget constraints.

Joel Kafuko, a senior citizen within Butembe chiefdom says, says it is time the subjects of the kingdom adopt a culture of financing their kingdom. “As subjects, we are supposed to financially support our king to ably implement his aspirations to the people other than expecting him to do all things by himself, because its’ hard for him to ably serve us when the kingdom lacks clear sources of income,” he said.

Andrew Ntange, the Spokesperson Busoga Kingdom in charge of the prime ministers’ office, says that they are engaging the central government to ensure a return of all of their assets to rent them out to suitable clients to raise money for their activities.



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