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Bundibugyo leaders ask government to resolve row over hoisting of the OBB flag

The Bundibugyo district chairperson says his leadership is committed to work with the OBB. Courtesy photo

Bundibugyo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Leaders in Bundibugyo district have asked government to resolve the row surrounding the hoisting of the Obudingiya Bwa Bwamba-OBB flag in the kingdom.

The OBB flag has not been hoisted in the district since 2016 following the politically orchestrated tribal clashes between the Bamba and Bakonzo where more than 12 people lost their lives and a number of property was destroyed.

The contested election was won by the former chairperson Richard Mutegeki who the kingdom officials have accused of insubordination during his tenure in office.

In the 2021 general election, Robert Tibakunirwa defeated Mutegeki to the same seat. After attaining office in May, Tibakunirwa committed to diligently work with OBB and immediately ordered the hoisting of the flag at the district headquarters.

However, he says he has received communication from persons he was hesitant to disclose to URN ordering the district administration to put down the flag on account that it will re-awaken ethnic tensions.

Tubakunirwa accuses some of the past leaders including Mutegeki of using their political advantage to report wrongly about the kingdom with intention of subduing efforts to create unity. He says if the OBB was constitutionally recognized, it is vital that government allows it to act and perform as any other cultural institution within its jurisdiction.

The district chairperson advises those who are having issues with the cultural Institution to address them using proper legal means. He says they have involved the office of the RDC to help solve the problem.

The Bughendera County Member of Parliament Acrobert Kiiza says for the last five years, the Kingdom loyalties have not been able to enjoy the institution because of political hindrances. He says there is great need to create unity.

Rev. Thomas Kamuhanda, the first deputy prime minister OBB has asked government to quickly give its position on the stand-off. He says they have not received any complaint regarding the hoisting of the flag at the district headquarters.

Peter Kandole, an OBB parish chief from Bwamba County says people are concerned why one of the three flag poles in the district has remained without a flag yet the Kingdom was recognized by government. He says the taking down of the flag is likely to cause tension among Kingdom subjects.

The RDC Amos Asiimwe told Uganda Radio Network (URN) that he was not in position to give details regarding the discussions they are having with OBB at the moment.



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