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Bukwo leaders task government on radio, television promise

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Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Local leaders in Bukwo have asked government to fulfill its pledge to boost Radio and Television signals in the district.

Information obtained by URN shows that the First Lady, Janet Kataha Museveni officially launched the initiative to boost radio and television signals in Bukwo District on December 20, 2012 during her tenure as Karamoja Affairs Minister.

According to Bukwo District officials, much as a technical team was subsequently sent to Bukwo to carry out a feasibility study and cited Brim Primary School as a potential site, no progress has been made at the site. Julius Aeko, a neighbor to Brim Primary School, says nothing has taken place from the time of the minister’s visit.

Like Aeko, most of leaders in Bukwo are bitter with the delayed to installation of a Radio and Television mast in the district.

Judith Yeko, the female councilor representing People with Disability in Bukwo District Council, says  the district only relies on community radios Sabiny FM and Radio Nine, which cover Bukwo Town Council and a few sub counties.

Peter Kamron, a human rights activists and defender in Sebei Sub Region, says he is surprised by the delayed to installation of the radio and TV mast in the area. He faults the leaders for not following up on the matter, saying there is urgent demand in the district.

Michael Chebet, the Bukwo District Chairperson, says radio and television signals are among the numerous empty promises by government to the people of Bukwo.

None of the district officials, including the Chief Administrative Officer, Gabriel Richard Atama has any clue regarding the money allocated for the installation of the radio and television mast in Bukwo.

Evelyn Teete, the former Bukwo Woman MP, faults officials from Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation-UBC for failing the project.

Teete explains that while the launch for the installation of radio and television mast was the main item during the First Lady’s Visit to Bukwo in 2012, the item was skipped because the UBC team didn’t turn up.

According to Teete, UBC was expected to spear the efforts to boost the signals in the district. The UBC Managing Director, Winston David Agaba hasn’t commented on the matter as he didn’t answer repeated calls or respond to text messages to his mobile.

Since Uganda migrated to digital TV broadcast, television signals can be accessed through the use to pay or Free To Air decoders.

Currently, the FTA signal is largely available to viewers in central Uganda. Most of the up country stations are off for reasons only known to UBC.



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