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Buganda to use emergency drums to deepen Covid-19 fight

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga launched the Gwanga Mujje drum initiative aimed at the fight against Covid-19. Photo via @BugandaOfficial

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Buganda kingdom, Dreamline Products and UNICEF have partnered to spread messages about COVID-19 to the local communities of Buganda through the use of drums.

This will  be done to counter the misconceptions by some people that Covid-19 doesn’t exist in Uganda.

The plan was unveiled at Bulange Mengo on Wednesday as Dreamline signed a partnership with Buganda kingdom under the supervision of Katikkiro Mayiga and Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwaawo, the State Minister for ICT.


According to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, this partnership is going to be put into practice through the sounding of the Gwanga Mujje drum translated as “all of you come”, a drum that was sounded in the olden days in times of trouble to rally the people to a common cause for example fighting invaders. To Katikkiro, Covid-19 is a lion that has attacked and people need to come together hence the sounding of this drum.

Dr. Richard Kabanda, Commissioner for Health promotion, Education and Communication in the Ministry of health has explained that his Ministry and UNICEF together with Dreamline Products chose to use of drums in spreading the messages about Covid-19 because there is a percentage of Ugandans who cannot be reached by the modern media. To him, the use of these drums in the villages where these people are will deliver the message about the existence of Covid-19 effectively.

Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwaawo, the state minister for ICT has decried the refusal by some teachers to get vaccinated yet they are expected to be exemplary to the nation since they train people of all professions.

She says these very teachers who are hesitant to get vaccinated are calling upon the government to open schools which is a risky thing to do.

Dreamline Products is an advertising company that was hired by the Ministry of Health to run messages on Covid-19 using a combination of visual/audio and interpersonal communication to spread messages through television screens in buses and along billboards.



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