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Buganda sub county representative sued for defamation

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Bukakata sub-county chairperson Aloysius Jjuuko has sued Buganda Kingdom’s area representative Rose Namuddu for alleged defamation.

In the execution of her responsibilities some of which include superintending over kingdom properties in Bukakata, Buddu county, Namuddu clashed with the sub-county leadership whom she accused of authorizing new occupants on Kabaka’s land without consent from the kingdom authorities. She is said to have accused Jjuuko of using his powers as the sub county chairperson to apportion plots on the said land in contempt of the guidance given to him by the leadership of Buddu county.

Jjuuko says that Namuddu’s public utterances that included describing him as land grabber and a dishonest person damaged his reputation among the public throughout the campaign period, and almost cost him the political seat. Jjuuko says that the statements were intended to shade him in bad light such that the electorate can discredit his candidature and shun him. For this, he is seeking a public apology, and a compensation of 120 million Shillings.

Rose Namuddu, the Buganda Kingdom representative in Bukakata sub-county locally referred to as “Mutuba abiri”, indicates that she does not regret her actions or statements that were intended to secure the Kingdom’s land from unlawful occupants.

She however describes Jjuuko’s lawsuit as a rushed and unthought-of decision, indicating that they earlier notified the Kingdom’s Estates Manager of Buganda Land Board who is soon going to undertake the process of surveying the said land to defuse the underlying dispute.



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