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Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert

Why Uganda (like other African countries) keeps rotating around the same roundabout

THE LAST WORD | ANDREW M. MWENDA | Last weekend, Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP), Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, held a “mega” Kyarenga (it’s too much) concert at his One Love Beach in Busabala near Kampala. Drovees of Ugandans flocked there to watch their new messiah sing his new song, “Tuliyambala engule” (we shall wear the crown). It is a song promising to liberate Uganda from the “dictatorship” of President Yoweri Museveni.

The event happened when I was re-reading John Gray’s book, `Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and other Animals’. In it, Gray, a professor of philosophy at the London School of Economics, argues that humans are deluded to think that they are different from other animals. The only difference between humans and other animals, Gray argues, is writing; which gives humans capacity to store information in permanent form. Many disagree, arguing instead that Gray bases more on logical consistence and less on “evidence”.

Gray’s argument appears fundamentally true. We humans think we are different from other animals because we are capable of “rational” as opposed to emotional actions.

But, as Jonathan Haidt, a professor of moral psychology at the Stern School of Business of New York University has shown in his book, `The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion’, human reasoning is a slave of human emotions.

Haidt researched human psychology and moral reasoning. His findings confirmed the ideas of the 19th century Scottish Philosopher, David Hume who had argued that people do not rely on facts and evidence to arrive at our conclusions. They rely on prejudices, biases, values, beliefs etc. We look for those facts and evidence that support our values, biases, prejudices and beliefs – what psychologists call “confirmation bias”.

Many of the Ugandans who went to Bobi Wine’s concert over the weekend, and the elites who were promoting it on Twitter, demonstrate how emotional human beings can be. It proved that our feelings, not our rational thinking, drive our actions as it does among other animals.

Indeed, after writing his eleven volumes of `The Story of Civilisation’, a 10,000 pages-long study spanning 5,000 years of human history, 20th Century American philosopher, Will Durant, compressed it into a book of 100 pages titled `The Lessons of History’. His conclusion: history is driven by human nature (our animal instincts), not human ideals. That is why many of us are gullible and short-sighted.

Thus, like a herd of antelopes, Ugandans converged on One Love Beach to buy another dose of ideological cocaine. Bobi Wine offered them the drug they are addicted to: denouncing Museveni and promising salvation – however vaguely.

For many Ugandans frustrated with Museveni’s long rule, Bobi Wine represents a breath of air into our politics. What is frustrating and depressing in this debate is the inability of the elite promoters of the One Love Beach mob to digest lessons from our history.

Museveni came to power promising liberation from the very evils he is being accused of orchestrating: corruption, nepotism, tribalism and dictatorship.

Museveni argued that these problems were a result of incompetence, selfishness, ideological bankruptcy and lack of patriotism by Milton Obote and Idi Amin. And Museveni was not alone. Practically every single leader in Africa has come to power accusing their predecessor of these ills. They have ruled or left office being accused of them.

More than half a century later and more than 300 leaders who have come and gone, one would expect a different discourse in Africa – one that looks beyond individuals and situates these problems in a broader structural context. It is from such an insight that we can craft a solution since one cannot treat a disease they have not diagnosed. Indeed, if Museveni has failed, it is because he misdiagnosed the disease by attributing a complex social problem to individual agency – Obote and Amin. Misdiagnosis leads inevitably to wrong prescription.

So we must ask: why do rational human being believe Bobi Wine is a solution to Uganda’s problem? In my few encounters with him and in my reading or listening to his speeches, I am appalled at how uninformed and shallow Bobi Wine is. He has a set of emotional feelings about the state of Uganda, and almost no idea of their cause (he thinks it is Museveni) or a plan on how to solve them. His only slogan is that Museveni has failed (he cannot even articulate on what) and we need change.

Is pointing out Museveni’s perceived failures sufficient to qualify someone to be president? (I use “perceived failures” because on the issues Bobi Wine attacks Museveni, the president has done fairly well). I have strong disagreements with opposition leader and activist, Kizza Besigye. But he is, even with his many limitations, a much more informed person than Bobi Wine. The fact that Ugandans, especially elites, embrace someone totally clueless about the problems and needed solutions for our country only shows why we have been changing leaders forever without ever altering the problems we accuse them of.

It is possible to argue that a leader does not need to be informed about the alternative policies needed to “liberate” a country – itself a hard argument to sell. But let us, for argument’s sake, accept such warped reasoning. The only saving grace would be that such a leader is backed by a coalition of people with progressive interests (I am thinking of industrialists, for example) and ideological clarity. Under this context, it matters less who the person at the top is because the middle and bottom of the power pyramid is composed of powerful and progressive interests.

Look at the interest groups behind Bobi Wine to glean what future portends for the government he will most likely preside over. These comprise international and domestic groups. His international backers are a coalition that can only help him promote the interests of multinational capital, which Museveni has done for the last 30 years with crippling implications on our country’s future development. So we are not changing the major influence on power but the personnel promoting it.

The second group supporting Bobi Wine is domestic – Uganda’s professionals and a hotchpotch of unemployed and underemployed youths. Both groups survive or seek to survive on salaried employment, largely provided by the state or by multinational capital. This domestic constituency can only reproduce a government that relies on patronage – the very bloated state employment sector we accuse Museveni of creating. How can this be a solution to our current problems?



  1. Andrew, Ugandans and their presidential hopefuls are not into a workable solution for the good. You stated about a bloated state employment scheme created by Muse…… all they need is a balanced representation in the scheme. Those ideals of philosophers aren’t even read..let alone understood by the elites in this country……..including you.

    • Musukwa Wilondja

      Andrew Mwenda is an intelligent and educated person but I’m confused to realize that he has failed to use his intelligence and education to understand why Ugandans prefer to follow shallow minded Boby Wine and shun the elites like him.

  2. Great analysis Andrew, I agree with large parts of your article save for your personal attacks on Bobi Wine and labeling him shallow and lacking in political or ideological content.I think all societies get the leaders that they deserve.

    The rise of Bobi Wine is coinciding with a wave of restless youths (Who by the way constitute a bulk of the electorate) both employed and unemployed, urbanization characterized by civil unrest and pressure on limited infrastructure in towns.

    Many of these Bobi’s followers care less about ideologies or fine policies, some people have just had enough of the current status quo and any one who can rally them around hope that change is on the way, they just follow without much thought..

    • Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi

      “Many of these Bobi’s followers care less about ideologies or fine policies, some people have just had enough of the current status quo and any one who can rally them around hope that change is on the way, they just follow without much thought..” —–

      And that is the tragedy of the day.

      That one has had enough of what s/he is rightly or wrongly tired of – SHOULD NEVER blind rational people from questioning what those pretending to want to take the throne would do with that throne. The youth may be being irrational in this case: what does that portend for the future government? What would happen if this WINE man became President in 2021 (and take my bias – fate forbid!!) and he fails [which is a CERTAINTY] to provide the employment they hope for?

      M9’s critique is not appreciated for questioning WINE’s lack of policy clarity and depth of intellect. This is yet another pointer to our so called elites’ failures. Have we – the elite – forgotten the post Amin confusion and its ramifications? Or are we simply being swept by the youthful wave which thinks because they were not here then, the country cannot have it again?

      I have said it before – and will still say so: we cannot compare the level of nationalism, patriotism and intellectualism in a then youthful M7 with what I am seeing in the now equally youthful WINE. Which might mean: if M7 could (according to those tired of him now) deteriorate so much as he aged, how much deterioration should we anticipate in the new found WINE – and where would that leave the country?

      Friends and countrymen – try to ruminate on that. It is about time those of you who think are good enough – including M9 himself, came forward to rescue our country’s future political leadership from the chaos I foresee.

  3. Look @ this “so called learnt f**l”.

    Kindly read ” the laws of human nature by Robert Greene”.

    You will understand why YOU do have that attitude towards Bobi et al.

    Merci Bcp

    • Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi

      My dear brother Merci,

      No – I am not as ‘learned’ in some of these things as you might want to imagine. Nor do I have the time and inclination to debate mere guesses of what a human brain can scientifically become or do with time. From your previous writings here and elsewhere, I know for a fact, you are better schooled in these political matters than either me or – it seems – your new found WINE. Most probably, given only two choices, I would gladly go along with you than with your WINE. That is why I request the likes of you to come forward.

      Ball in your court brother. For the sake of our country’s future, do not duck!


  4. Thank you Eng Atenyi for your effort to compare the youthful Museveni to the youthful Bobi. But in your analysis you missed the point. The youthful Museveni picked up arms and sacrificed the lives of many Ugandans to take power. Remember there were courts in Uganda when Museveni decided to go to the bush. The youthful Bobi has picked on peaceful and constitutional ways of trying to get to power.

    • Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi

      Thanks Paul for your comment.
      I do not want to be seen as a M7 man in these debates – because I am not
      I appreciate the Guns vs Courts approach. But look dear: Youthful M7 could not take Amin to court (who could dare?). as for Obote 2, I guess you know how M7 was rescued by his brother and Co. from the fangs of death at Kireka. Do you sincerely believe he could have achieved what he wanted with courts of those days? Why didn’t Ssemogerere try? A results-driven activist chooses ‘appropriate’ means to achieve her/his objectives.

      Even now, we have seen how M7 changes like a chameleon on term and age limits; we have seen him ‘defeat’ whoever has tried to challenge his electoral ‘victories’ in the courts you want to admire: never mind, in the so called ‘electoral’ processes themselves. Anyway brother, the level of one’s change leadership abilities is better judged not just by the emotional crowds so attracted but rather, by a well thought out, and communicated integrated plan of action stating its tangible/verifiable objectives and how those actions link to the objectives in the prevailing conditions. I saw that with M7 in the early 80s, when he was in mid thirties. I do not see it with WINE today at 36. That is my worry brother!!

  5. The world is fed up of the lying, greedy, power addicted so called professional politicians who have failed us again and again…..we now want change…we want to try the opposite of these selfish, arrogant old men……we have nothing to loose since the so called elites have so sissappointingly failed us…….PEOPLE POWER OYEEEEEEEEEEE

  6. By the way Mwenda, u can write all the lies u want against Honourable Bobi Wine, but u a not convincing anyone, as we can read and understand what our Bobi says and millions of us young, old, rich, poor, educated and uneducated, have amazingly and excitedly found him to be very refreshing, smart, kind, balanced, able to identify with young, old, rich, poor and especially those who are considered by your groups to be the lowest in our society, and ignored,…..and for this he is greatly loved by millions of people in and outside Uganda and has grown in overwhelming popularity which is continuing to grow the more we listen to him……if I were u, I would just stop writing all these lies as no one is listening to u for we have finally found the truth and that truth will set us free……..YOUR TIME IS UP……

  7. Nelson Mandela, the late president of the Republic of South Africa, explained an aspect of ubuntu by saying that in the old days a traveler to a village would not need to ask for food; it would naturally be given him because of ubuntu. Those who have give. Those in need receive.

    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans.
    Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.

    Everybody can be great … because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. let the wise learn wisdom!

  8. Mwenda your philosophy is derived from the yellow develop they used on you but let me assure you that go slowly coz ur end times are nearing

  9. Andrew Mwenda, do you think we are stupid? How many leaders have come up with ideologies and policies that Ugandans have entusted with power and registered disappointments at the end of it all? Let’s not go far brother, remember the ten point program designed by the bush war fighters that your comrade designed and promised as a service delivery program to Ugandans? What went wrong?
    The fact is Ugandans are tired, and it’s time to awaken this generation by reminding them that power belongs to the people. We have been enslaved in the name of policies built upon selfish interests of dictatorial leadership of the regime. It’s so unfortunate that Andrew you know this truth, but out of greed and selfishness you get biased and try to confuse Ugandans that only that individual with policies and ideologies can come up and stand for leadership. I am not against policies and ideologies but for Uganda’s case that’s not big an issue, even a baby can tell that Ugandans are under bondage and need freedom. Corruption, assassinations, tribalism, greed just to mention a few which have eaten up leaders in Uganda don’t need policies. We only need to use people power ( our power) to say enough is enough we do away with you Andrew and your comrades and usher in a new government which adheres to the constitutional rights of Ugandans. Ugandans who are partriotic and not greedy like you Andrew who traded your brain for money. We can not allow you to confuse Ugandans, because at first you stood with the suffering people but later President Museveni managed to buy you.

  10. Most of what is debated is not as important as the debts, evictions, destitution and criminality that has bedeviled Uganda in the last few years. Besigye for one believes the Chinese will and should not be paid. That is a war in waiting…

    “………………………..All these procurements are negotiated in State House and invariably breeched the established procurement laws and regulations! The Chinese and others involved know that the contract prices are very abnormal. Though the Chinese are the most prominent and reckless in these underhand contracts, they are not the only ones.

    All these dirty deals are financed by loans that Ugandans will have to shoulder for many years!

    The doctrine of ODIOUS (ILLEGITIMATE) DEBT in international law has been well established since the early 20th century. When a regime contracts a debt that doesn’t serve the country’s public good, but rather, to strengthen itself; to subvert democratic processes; to buy weapons for repressing the people; to service private interests of regime leaders; as loans with usurious terms that were incurred by a corrupt regime in return for bribes etc, this debt is odious for the people of the entire State.

    This debt does not bind the nation; it is a debt of the regime, a personal debt contracted by the ruler, and consequently it falls with the fall of the regime.

    A cardinal condition for determining the lawfulness of State debts is that the debts must be incurred, and the proceeds used, for the needs and in the interests of the State. Odious debts, contracted and utilised for purposes, which, to the lenders’ knowledge, are contrary to the needs and the interests of the nation, are not binding on the nation…………………………………..” AND MANY PEOPLE WILL AGREE WITH HIM.

  11. Show me a long serving president who has ever been removed by an individual or a group with a well thought through policy plan before they assumed leadership and I will show you a group that had to change their original plans over and over again

    • Time and again, I have argued in this forum with one Ejakait though happily we finally arrive at a common ground. Like I said previously, we who were educated in the wonderful curriculum when education quality in Uganda was finest in the world (I have proof from the ejected Asians who we were in same class when they wrote back to inform us that they were leading in the UK schools and had in fact been promoted to higher classes yet they were not that bright n Uganda) among the lessons we were taught is ‘ the next figure in the sequence’. This has stuck with me till I depart for the hereafter because it works as was taught for the past 50 something years.
      No president of Uganda has been foreseen by anyone (including self) except by God who I believe unreservedly that He appoints them. All Uganda presidents have been Accidentals (to men) but so fated by God…….or whatever other power atheists attribute to have caused existence.
      Obote 1 was accidental (by virtue of unforeseen coup) Amin did not even intend to be president (overwhelming evidence exists) Lule knew he was not to last or if he did it would be the most tiresome task let alone reconstruction/restoration of damage(by war) and loot (by Tanzanians), even if he had stayed on he would have died on-duty thanklessly. Binaisa was picked by Museveni and Mpambara (his own admissionin a conference of ex-presidents in Europe) from Kampala road and taken to Entebbe to be made president unexpectedly. Obote 2 was a schemed-in by Muwanga and company with little own in-put; that makes him accidental to boot……Okelo Lutwa was the most accidental of all becuase he is just a circumstantial…….and finally M7 is the most fortuitous. Those who were in the know swear he deserted to Europe and only returned when he was told the going was in favour. His ‘lieutenants'(Saleh and company)They would have usurped the power but they were not confident enough to take on statecraft; making him indispensable then. As per my 1960s master-formula my dear brother Dr Ateenyi, the next Uganda president is not known even by HIMSELF; her being as unlikely as a dog with horns…………….Here I rest my case.

      • HELLO my beloved brother RWASUBUTARE, I was frantically scrolling down the post looking for the one place where I would DEFINITELY find SENSE and alas with a small detour via another long lost comrade aka Dr Eng Kant ATEENYI, have landed on your post.
        Nice to know you are your old vibrant self, still spewing wisdom like items on Black Friday.

    • I forgot to conclusively tell any who wish to know that Bobi Wine is just a ring-warmer…..not a serious likelihood despite Mwenda’s fears and fanatics’ fever (delude by BW himself) that their ‘man’ is an ‘unstoppable’ who will legalise or look the other way when ganja will be on the menu in all public eateries and drink-joints with the misnomer ‘laxative’. He simply does not pass the test of accidentality. During our nonesuch boxing days in Tororo College, before the scheduled fighters came in, we had ring-warmers who would come in for two (death-fight) rounds to awake the spectators and yours truly was among them…..we were paid 2 shillings for the show ( but soda went for 50 cents and TipTop loaf cost 85 cents).

  12. Andrew Mwenda has to write some crap about Bobi Wine in order not to jeopardize the cash inflows from State House.

  13. It is so painful to see that one of the fundamental problems of Africa are these intellectual synagogues like the writer of this article. The man is so well learned that he lost the ability to simple logics. It is not just sad and painful. It is scary since such minds always find their ways into powerful positions in our African dictatorial administration wearing their super-intelligent suites only to sink us farther into meisery. Because of men like this writer, I worry for my grandchildren and the Africa they are going to live in.

  14. “Andrew if you don’t want change, change will change you”. The reason why we all work is to have change in whatsoever and why you are taking time to articulate issues is to see change. Why are envying BOBI and Ugandans for their wok to have change they deserve? You are well paid for this work you are at the expense of the poor majority Ugandans who pray everyday for their daily bread, good health, electricity etc.

  15. ” ………This domestic constituency can only reproduce a government that relies on patronage – the very bloated state employment sector we accuse Museveni of creating. How can this be a solution to our current problems?……..” IF THE STRAWS ARE FEW AT A MALWA , CONSUMERS TAKE TURNS TO SIP, THIS SIPPING AND HANDING THE STRAW TO HIS COLLEAGUE TILL ALL GO ROUND SEVERAL TIMES. IT IS WHAT THESE BOBI WINE AND COMPANY ARE AGITATING. M7 has held the straw for too log and other members (citizens) are thirsty. I believe Mwenda will understand this logic because he knows that nobody is born or bred to be president unless it is a monarchy. So Bobi and company don’t necessarily have to do governance,service provision or security well or better than M7, they just want to eat too. And all other sidelined OUTS are up in arms to try to go IN. That is the situation. Soon, police and military will fear to deal with them as technology advances keep records of which policeman/soldier flogged/hit or shot who where and when. No soldier will want to be accountable when things change or when their present bosses trade in political bargains a la Kawooya case. Thereafter things will deteriorate until the mob gets the throne and the next thing you know, the city is being looted and mayhem becomes the norm. If I were M7, I can appoint Bobi minister and if he refuses, I invoke the decree of disobedience nad get a good cadre judge to jail him in Kigo. It is the only potent prescription….

    • Ha ha ha…. ”If I were M7, I can appoint Bobi minister and if he refuses, I invoke the decree of disobedience and get a good cadre judge to jail him in Kigo. It is the only potent prescription….”

      This is hilarious.

      • It can work…the only way to silence him with the binding ‘collective responsibility’ clause. Or deploy him somewhere so he eats like Cheeye and be fixed for sometime. Tamale Mirundi will tell how it is(was) done.

    • Appointing BOBI a minister is not a solution and why youths are blamed is such stupid thinking that youths problems can be solved through top down approach yet their problems could best be addressed through bottom up approach. Instant example is Youth Livelihood program where enough mobilization and awareness creation with consultation with the youths was not conducted and the end result is youths have failed to pay back the loan and sub county authorities are using the police to recover the loan and most of the beneficiaries are on the run. This issue of corruption should end where you think pushing a bone into a mouth of a do to prevent it from barking is the issue of the current government of Uganda. Uganda today is basically categorized with corruption, bribery, exploitation and oppression.

      • When the ‘Business Allocation committee'(Idi Amin era in 1972) gave you a shop,factory or other business, you were told in no uncertain terms that YOU WILL PAY FOR IT IN FULL VALUE IN 500(five hundred) years. President Amin had paid for the property in cash (not pledge) and so it belonged to Uganda(ns). Any person who competed PLE can emulate him or his deeds at no risk to economic hurt. Why chase debtors when they fail to pay yet the government is the biggest debtor in existence. It is biblically forbidden to deny forgiveness when you have been forgiven yourself. What example are these government agents giving to youth? Intolerance is a two-edged sword…tomorrow these oldies will be beseeching these mistreated youth to be lenient…

  16. Only a leadership that cares and works for Uganda and Ugandans can effectively encounter its current challenges; not a one that seeks private gains as the incumbent can openly testify. By the way, for over ten years, English, French and Chinese firms have invested in Uganda’s oil and gas industry. Can it make business sense that for all this time, they are yet to gain value for money? And if they are already gaining any dividends; can it be without the consent of the president? Could this be one of ways he access sacks of shillings and dollars, some of which he dishes to selected groups and individuals?

    • It is being whispered in knowledgeable circles by the way that there is no oil. I personally am waiting to verify. Proof will be the day it starts flowing in the pipeline or refinery starts producing and selling to Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Oil is everywhere but it is the quantities and qualities that determine whether to extract or let go….. Someone somewhere must be duping others about Ug oil. Let us however wait. 2020 or even 2030 is not far. Be it mischief-makers doing the rumours or what will soon be known undoubtedly.

      • Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi

        Brother, do not trust those whispers.
        In 2010, a student of mine down south here, but of Equatorial Guinea origin, worked on those trial rigs in Bulisa during his 12 month pre-graduation industrial attachment. According to him and his reports, it was clear there was plenty of oil in that region. Later in 2012, during his PG work, I told him we hadn’t yet started exploiting those reserves. He was dumbfounded. He told me the problem in Uganda seemed to be that our Energy officials were not seriously involved on the technical goings on at the drilling sites. That some officer would sometimes come, and simply hang around offices and then go back to Kampala. In 2011 after his report, I did a brief search on refineries and even wrote an article in The New Vision on oil refining. I was later surprised to learn that we were to be going for a refinery at a cost almost 10 times what I had found for the same capacity. It is simply disgusting: And as one of my current Angolan student says of her country, one almost wishes some of these countries could be broken up and each person gets her/his little share here and now!

        This is the tragedy with our country and continent brother. Our own people are simply not serious when it comes to so called technical and engineering issues, if a white man (or now yellow/brown) is involved. I see it even here in South Africa. It is incredible how our otherwise knowledgeable people can sometimes let their confidence melt away on some of these issues.

  17. Andrew i have followed you for years and your a good analyst.However its not hard to see the dents in your analyses here. i challenge you Andrew on these issues:
    1. Leaders are a proper reflection of the society they come from. The vast majority of Ugandans(more than 80% i think) are un informed and shallow if I could borrow your word. So its no wonder that their you describe their current darling (Bobi Wine)as the same. Bobi wine is a youth whose strong support base are the under achieving youths with the swag of a college student and a “fighter’s” spirit just like him. The same argument can be made for President Museveni and the type of society or people that propelled him to power as the ‘its hard to admit but true, ‘ conservative and disciplined ugandans. Examples can be drawn everywhere.
    2. Nobody in Uganda not even a primary pupil can struggle to mention President Museveni’s failings. Its disrespectful of you Andrew to say that Bobi wine cannot articulate them.
    3. Your role Mr. Andrew Mwenda in the struggle to build a better Uganda that works not only for you and your rich friends in state house but also for your enemies like Besigye and Bobi wine. On the background that most Ugandans are uninformed, I believe that the few who are informed like you Andrew have a bigger duty to fulfill in the struggle for a better system in Uganda. If Uganda is to have a better system that prioritizes planning and service delivery over trial and error and patronage then people like you have got to first wake up. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you Andrew that its small minds that discuss personalities.I believe you have a responsibility to let the facts and truths be told as they are in your job as a journalist rather than go about the semantics and technicalities. As a Ugandan citizen your role should not be critising and lauching a flurry of personal attacks on those who oppose the wrong way in which our country is being run but rather should rather have been correcting and guiding or even better, driving the narrative yourself by taking the lead in condemning the misdoings of the government especially given the fact that you’re informed,run a media platform and they aren’t.

    I take home some lessons from your article though like the fact that human reasoning is the slave of human emotions. I also believe that President Museveni has done some few things really well like security for the large part of his stay in power.
    I conclude by asking you, and this is personal please negotiate for Uganda a peaceful transition. I know you have the standing to do so although you may be lacking the ingenious and will. For the Ingenious please contact me and for the will please go visit your family members and ask yourself the kind of situation you’d like them to be in 2decades after Museveni’s tenure ends. Thanks Andrew

  18. Dr. Eng. Kant Ateenyi

    On the whole, this is a fair comment [never mind a few reservations – because that is okay].

    Andrew – you just can’t keep lambasting this or that politician – without putting your ‘presumed superior’ intellect in these matters to a more direct service of this country. If to seek national political leadership runs against your vision in life [as it does to many of us], then at least advise the old man because you have access to him [and some of his peers] and, he would probably be more inclined to listen to you. You have done this before – on relations with some of our sister states. Why not with totally internal affairs?

    Over to you Andrew.

    • If the status quo were to miraculously change, thanks to Andrew’s intervention, would Andrew continue to reap the benefits he is getting now? Tricky isn’t it?

  19. By now, leadership should have changed from Yoweri Museveni to someone like Amama Mbabazi, Dr. Rugunda or any other person with some experience in governance. But alas! The old political thug has blocked everyone else, and wants die in office. The greatest absurdity we now face as a country is having a contest between two men: Museveni and Bobi Wine, who are completely unequal in many ways.

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