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Bobi Wine breaks down in tears



Masaka, Uganda | URN & THE INDEPENDENT |  Reports that one of his bodyguards has been killed in an freak accident on his way to Kampala, has left presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine in tears.

A video clip on social media showed Kyagulanyi mourning the death of one of his bodyguards, a one  Frank Ssenteza, who he said had  been deliberately knocked dead by a military truck in Busega, a few kilometers before Kampala.

Police is yet to confirm the incident but the National Unity Party say the incident happened as their team drove from Masaka to Kampala to get further treatment for Kasirye Ashraf,  one of three journalists who have been severely injured today.

The army later released a statement, saying “UPDF would like to clarify that the late Senteza was not knocked by a Military Police Vehicle as purported, but rather fell off a speeding Car Reg No UBF 850z (Drone) he tried to jump to but fell off.”

Journalists in hospital

The incident capped a day that saw Daniel Lutaya, a journalist attached to NBS-TV and Ali Mivule, a reporter with NTV-Uganda hospitalized, following another nasty incident earlier in the day. NUP reported that Police earlier shot also at Kasirye , a cameraman attached to Gheto Media, an online broadcasting channel.

Police in a statement said tear gas was used to quell the violence at Kyabakuza, and  “journalists were regrettably caught up during the process of dispersing the violent group. Notably among them was a Ghetto TV crew member identified as Ashraf Kasirye, who sustained blunt force injuries above the left eye allegedly from a canister. The victim was rushed to Masaka Referral Hospital for medical attention. He remains stable but in serious critical condition and on transfer to Kampala for better management.”





  1. Kipto John Cheboriot

    I challenge NUP and the plethora of their social media bloggers who always broadcast falsehoods, I challenge Engel, I challenge Pompeo, I challenge Anusmsterdam to produce a video recording/evidence that the deceased bodyguard of njagga Bobi was knocked by a UPDF truck. It’s very unusual for Kyagulanyi and his goons not to produce a video recording of this alleged murder. They must be in their ganja kitchens/workshops trying to Photoshop and concoct some fake photos. It’s characteristic of Bobi to sacrifice his people to his devil cultish gods. More apparently will have to similarly die to satisfy Bobi’s snake cult devils! I urge these armertuers to stop playing ninja and value their lives. Jumping off moving vehicles is for professionals not njagga ladden heads. RIP

  2. So kipto you still believe in police statements in Uganda, what do they have as evidence that he jumped off a moving car.

  3. Yet another human sacrifice! Ssenteza’s family should hold Bobi Wine accountable for the loss of their loved one. Bobi Wine is crying crocodile tears and he knows he has given his best to the devil for sacrifice. The country should wake up and pray against this blight that has befallen the country. Christians pray for the country. Bobi Wine is finishing his victims. It is a campaign of bloodshed like never before. Bobi Wine has a pact with the devil to give a certain number of lives to his master each time.

  4. “He was deliberately ran over by military-police truck…” This is bad English by Bobi Wine. It should have been “run over.”
    Is this the guy trying to be president? Who even cleared him to run for the presidential election? He is now the shame of Uganda. Even Amin would never speak broken English.

    • Victor, kindly desist from ad hominem attacks. Stick to the facts.
      Attack Bobi Wine on his political record.

      M7’s record is here for all to see: a dysfunctional state; a brutal state; a failing health system; a failing education system; rotten infrastructure; a corrupt and rotten system; a government run on violence and coercion. Is this the sort of government we need for tomorrow?

      Bobi Wine has not committed any crime by exercising his civic duty. I challenge you to provide an alternative.According to the constitution of the republic of Uganda, any Ugandan above the age of 35 (Bobi Wine included), with the requisite education qualifies to run for the presidency of the country.

      Uganda needs to grow up – Museveni will die, but Uganda will not – what happens then? People (and M7 is no exception) are mortal, Uganda is not mortal. We need to think of a post-Museveni Uganda – a modern Uganda, a Uganda that functions.

      What makes you think that M7 is the only individual qualified to lead this country? Why do you insult our intelligence?

      It is important for the life of this nation, that we have continuity in government – we should strive for a smooth transition – a transition that M7 has deliberately blocked.

      M7 has contributed his part. He is not the leader to govern Uganda into the coming years of the 21st century. If M7 is so popular, why is he terrified of competitive politics? Why is he restricting his opponents – preventing them from campaigning? In my opinion, he (M7) is being cowardly and you and your ilk are just as cowardly.

      We need to move away from this immature thinking – and progress towards a non-violent means of governing our country and more importantly a non-violent means of changing the government.

  5. Ham Ezra Kyambadde

    Please Please keep up that patriotic heart. We shall kick that so called M7 out of the seat.

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