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Bobby Wine’s Ziggy Wyne

How an unknown young man’s death turned him into a political football for opportunistic politicians

THE LAST WORD | ANDREW M. MWENDA | Last week, it became apparent that the initial news that a one Michael [K]alinda aka Zigy Wyne had been kidnapped, eye yanked out, fingers chopped off and face burnt using a flat iron were exactly that – a hoax. Zigy had a nasty motorbike accident at 7.30pm on July 21. People around the accident scene picked him up and took him to the nearby Hope Clinic. The nurse at the clinic referred him to Mulago for urgent medical attention.

The indefatigable Canary Mugume of NBS, then Tom Malaba of Daily Monitor, and other reporters went to the scene of the accident and interviewed eyewitness who told the story of what actually happened. Later I visited Mulago and talked to the doctors. Zigy was brought to Mulago by a “good Samaritan” who said the victim had been involved in a traffic accident and was admitted at about 9.30pm as an unknown person and given the code name “Zulu.”

Zigy was treated, fed, bathed and given fresh clothes; the ones he was wearing at the time of the accident were taken and washed. On July 24th, his family came. He recovered and was discharged on July 28. He was given medicines to stop convulsions. He was later readmitted on July 31; doctors suspect he was not taking his medicines. However, the convulsions he suffered as a result of not taking his medication are the most likely cause of his death.

Yet in spite of this mountain of evidence, the leader of People Power, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobby Wine, continued to claim that Zigy was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. He feels no responsibility whatsoever to provide any evidence to back up his claims. The death of Zigy only serves him an opportunity to score political points, in complete disregard to all forms of decency. This crass political opportunism excites the passions of the hoards that see him as a messiah but shows how bankrupt he is.

Throughout last week, the journalists who told this truth became victims of cyber bullying by supporters of People Power. Rather than respond to the facts, the supporters of People Power hurled insults, abuses and false accusations at those who told the facts they did not want to hear. One wonders what sort of government Bobby Wine would preside over given the quality of people he has mobilised to his cause. People Power is not supported by only lumpens. Some very smart Ugandans support it. It has a clear strategy behind its madness.

Here is their strategy: it is to deny all facts and insist that everything is subjective and relative; to dismiss all evidence as forged if it does not promote their political agenda; and to argue that every argument that seems to favour President Yoweri Museveni and his NRM is not based on conviction but has been paid for. It is interesting that People Power resembles the Donald Trump movement in the USA although Americans who support it are anti-Trump.


  1. ejakait engoraton

    FOR one entity to try and discredit is not a new thing in politics, not only in UGANDA but the world over, the difference being the civility with which it is done.

    YOU do not have to go back in my postings to know this, in fact only in the last THE LAST WORD where I quoted what WILLIAM PIKE initially did for the NRM/NRA before he even stepped a foot in the LUWEERO jungles was to make sure, through his friend at THE GUARDIAN , ELIZABETH was her name if I recollect, that nothing positive was said about the UPC government.

    LIKEWISE, on his visit to LUWEERO where he brought the video I mentioned (it was at some point aired on UTV with the voice over done by Ambassador ERNEST RUSIITA), he also brought back some photos, which he showed to an audience at the William Goodenough hall at RUSSELL SQUARE, some of the photos which were meant to show the brutality of the UPC government were staged photos. THIS I mentioned to PIKE at the time and gave him my reasons, a fact he later acknowledged when he was at the NEW VISION and told me he was a little embarrassed and regretted that he had been so naive at the time.

    SO for anyone to try and use information, authentic or otherwise, and even to downplay the ” achievements” of the NRM is not anything unusual.

    Right now , theories are flying about regarding the death (assumed suicide) of EPSTEIN , a known sex trafficker who had connections to high profile individuals including TRUMP and Prince ANDREW.

    BUT to MWENDA , just because BW and the opposition is involved…………..

    MAN, style up!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ejakait engoraton

    THAT the NRM/M7/Uganda government KIDNAPS, TORTURES, KILLS is NOT in doubt.

    THAT they did none of these to ZIGGY is an exception.

    When a crime is committed, the police have a list of suspects and many times, certainly very many times in UGANDA , the wrong suspects have been and continue to be arrested. Even for just being suspects, they are kidnapped( rather than arrested) tortured or persecuted (rather than prosecuted), and if not lucky can and have often ended up dead.

    SO it was not beyond the stretch of imagination, where most have now come to regard the NRM government guilty until proven otherwise, for people to assume (wrongly it seems for once) , that ZIGGY had died as a result of an accident. THE MO of his death bore all the hallmarks of NRM government handiwork.

    SO , yes M 9, the opposition got it wrong and probably owe an apology, but how many times have the government made an apology to anyone, even when they have killed innocent citizens, including children and old people.

    • What became of Susan Magara murderers? Is the judiciary waiting for a facilitation?
      Let us assume for the sake of debate that NRM has done wonderfully, what became of ‘the best dancer leaving the floor at a point in time’? A person who finds a railway system fully functioning and at a certain time decides to vandalise the tracks to sell to steel mills, isn’t it actionable?

    • “Suspects are kidnapped not arrested.” That’s a big indictment for this government.

  3. “…… that when People Power uses violence, intimidation, cyber bullying, blackmail, character assassination and insults against its opponents………”

    When did People Power use violence and to whom was their “violence” directed? On the contrary it’s the regime which uses violence to contain People Power supporters. There’s enough footage to prove this.

  4. You have a very down to earth and impartial
    Unequivocal jornolistic skills. You are sticking
    To the point while exhibiting the proper and articulate
    side the day dreamers of people power who are so
    Prone to the fascistsic indoctrination

  5. I have now began to believe that indeed Ziggy Wine died in an accident because of the following reasons;
    1.Most Ugandans who arrive at a scene of an accident first rob the victims of their valuable items perhaps thats why he had no identification card and phone with him.
    2.People power chose to be silent when he was alive and still in hospital.
    3.The witnesses seem to be credible coz they did not know him despite the personalized number plate of his bike.
    4.Most Boda Boda riders are reckless in the way they ride and they are normally under the influence of weed or alcohol especially at night.
    5.The fact that no one knew him despite his personalized number plate means that he was riding on a road he was not familiar with.
    6.Why r Ugandans allegedly being kidnapped and why are they all from Bantu speaking tribes?Its because most of them are not honest in their Business dealings and most of these kidnaps are as a result of either business gone sour or infidelity.
    7.Rwasubutare please spare us your Railway talk;How can you be proud of a railway line that was one way i.e If you traveled to Tororo you had to wait for 3 days to return to Kampala coz the Kasese line was in use.
    8.@ Rajab who gave you Basoga permission to sell sugarcane in Kenya?Dont you know that Regional Trade have investment rules and guarantees like Non Traffic Barriers,Custom Union,Free Trade areas?Did you
    bother to ascertain what EAC regional trade guarantees are being effected?You Think Kenyans transact Business like Ugandans?

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