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Biden revokes Trump order for building “National Garden of American Heroes”

Former President Donald Trump announced his now-cancelled plan for a ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ during a speech at Mount Rushmore National Memorial last July. File Photo

Washington, U.S. | Xinhua | U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday signed an executive order revoking several measures issued by former President Donald Trump, including one to establish a “National Garden of American Heroes” that called for erecting statues of hundreds of prominent Americans though some of them are controversial over their racial records.

The order also revoked Trump’s action which prioritized punishment for those caught vandalizing statues or monuments.

The former president took the two measures in response to protests and vandalism targeting monuments of controversial historic figures amid nationwide demonstrations against racial injustice in the wake of the death of African American George Floyd on May 25 last year.

Trump visited Mount Rushmore in the state of South Dakota on the eve of July 4 Independence Day last year, accusing “angry mobs” of waging “a merciless campaign” to wipe out U.S. history while pledging to construct a “National Garden of American Heroes” that will feature statues of “the greatest Americans to ever live.”

Under the executive order from Biden, a May 2020 order signed by Trump that directed federal agencies to review Section 230, a law that provides protections to social media companies, was also revoked.



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