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Besigye suddenly turns up for magistrate Mafabi burial in Sironko

Besigye free
Former Presidential candidate Besigye today appeared in Sironko. FILE PHOTO

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has paid tribute to former Makindye Court chief Magistrate Richard Mafabi, calling him a man of integrity who served Uganda well.

Besigye apparently beat police surveillance at his home in Kasangati to attend the funeral of Mafabi in Buteza village, Sironko district.

Meanwhile the police say there is no cause for alarm as Besigye is not under any kind of arrest.

When contacted, the Uganda Police spokesman for Kampala Metropolitan Emilian Kayima said Besigye has a right to move freely as long as there is no breach of peace.

“Dr. Besigye is not under arrest at all and he is not a prisoner in this country. He has every right whatsoever to go anywhere he wants to go as long as he is not going to cause public disorder. So if he left his house that is his business,” said Kayima.

Makindye Chief Magistrate buried

Mafabi, who shot to fame when he issued criminal summons against IGP Kale Kayihura and seven other senior police officers to answer torture charges, collapsed and died early this week.

Speaking at the funeral ceremony Friday, Besigye said testimonies from people who worked closely with Mafabi indicate that he served with dedication.

“I personally didn’t know that much about him but testimonies from my friends like Nathan Nandala Mafabi the secretary general of our party the Forum for Democratic Change with whom they come from the same place, and the people he has closely worked with, speaks volumes about how diligently he has served this nation.”

On how he was able to escape from his home, Besigye said that police lacks the ability to lock him down at his home. He refused to disclose how he was able to go past dozens of police officers surrounding his gate, only to appear in Sironko.

“I cannot tell you how I escaped. That is for the police to judge. How I beat security surveillance is always my secret but the only thing I can tell is that we have a police that is unprofessional,” said Besigye.




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