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Besigye march into city halted, Police to charge him

BREAKING NEWS: Besigye to be charged

Dr. Kiza Besigye’s drive from Kasangati to Najjanakumbi has been halted by Police at Mulago roundabout. Opposition leader Besigye was heading for Tuesday prayers by his party FDC and was being followed by huge crowds.

Police later confirmed that Besigye had been transferred to Nagalama Police Station and charged with participating in an unlawful procession.

Police had earlier insisted the the opposition leader stop waving to crowds and dispersed the crowds. They failed to agree on how to proceed, and the police towed the car.

Until today, he had been confined to his home in Kasangati by police since a day after the elections on February 18, that he has since said were fraudulent. Museveni won the election, a victory confirmed by the Supreme Court last week.



Today 5th April, 2016, at 1040 am, the Uganda Police Force arrested RTD Col Dr.Kiiza Besigye in connection with holding an unlawful assembly between Kalerwe round about and Mulago around about within Kampala city.

Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye was on his way to attend prayers organized by his Party at Najjanankumbi. At Kalewe round about, he started to flash his party symbol while standing in an open roofed vehicle, a Toyota Prado registration number UAW 616W.He repeated this at Kubiri round about and at Mulago round about. This attracted crowds to follow him, but they were blocked off by the traffic police to prevent them from causing chaos and damage within Kampala.

At Mulago round about, Rtd. Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye was advised by the Police to use the Yusuf Lule road as an alternative route. However, he insisted on accessing the city centre through Wandegeya. Traffic Police offered to escort him through Yusuf Lule road to Najjanankumbi but he refused and ordered his driver to park the vehicle.

This paralised traffic flow along he busy road with the potential that it could degenerate into insecurity for people and property. Rtd Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye was then ordered to get out of the vehicle but instead he locked himself inside. This left the police with no choice other than to tow the vehicle to Kira Road Police station. He was later taken to Nagalama Police Station.

Rtd Dr. Kiiza Besigye is strongly warned against inciting the public and disturbing public peace, which could result into violence and damage to life and property.

Further, the Uganda Police Force assures Rtd Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye and all Ugandans of our commitment to ensure exercise of individual rights and freedoms. However, this must not be to the prejudice or at the expense of rights and freedoms of others or public security and safety.

ACP Namaye Polly
Deputy Press & Public relations
5th April, 2016

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Besigye expected to attend Tuesday prayers. FILE PHOTO

Besigye expected to attend Tuesday prayers. FILE PHOTO

Opposition leader Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye will attend prayers today at the Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) party headquarters on Entebbe road. This will be his first function since being consigned to his house a day after the February 18 Uganda Presidential Elections.

Although the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura announced last week that he had moved his forces from restricting Besigye to his home in Kasangati, the politician protested that he remained under confinement and was not allowed to leave.

An incident-free drive by Besigye from Kasangati to Najanankumbi today will be a significant  post-election step, although police have warned him not to visit populated areas in the city.

Here is a PRESS STATEMENT released last night by the Uganda Police


The Uganda Police Force has learnt that tomorrow 5th April, 2016, RTD. Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye will attend prayers at the FDC party Headquarters at Najanankumbi. The prayers shall be held within the enclosed party premises and this therefore does not violate the law.

What is of particular security concern however, is information that after the prayers RTD. Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye intends to drive in a procession from Najanankumbi through Clock Tower to Container Village which is one of the most highly populated areas in Kampala City.

The purpose of this statement therefore is to caution RTD. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye to desist from carrying out any procession tomorrow because he has not notified the police in time as required by the Public Order Management Act sec 4 (1) 5(1). Violation of this law calls for sanctions as provided by the Act.

The public is strongly advised to shun anyone who tries to involve them in any unlawful activity that is likely to disrupt safety and peace within the city and which could result into damage to lives and people’s properties.

The Uganda Police Force assures all Ugandans and in particular the business community in Kampala that all measures are in place to ensure public order as well as security for persons and properties.

ACP Namaye Polly
Deputy PRO
4th April, 2016


  1. Just like the Bourbons. learnt nothing and forgot nothing. let’s see who winks first!

    • Whatever you mean, the State won’t wink first for the simple reason that Besigye is in the wrong. he is so dishonourable. He has played lackey for foreign forces long enough. He cannot be too dumb to realise that we, who voted overwhelmingly for NRM, do look through all his stratagems.
      I would sleep very uncomfortably in this country for the mere suspicion that I hobnobbed with the CIA. Besigye’s hobnobbing with Langley, Virginia is no mere suspicion. He sat and awaited for the CIA to act for him on his fellow Ugandans in the wake of Feb 18th. He should live with that shame.
      By the way it looks like his fellow FDCs are no longer with Besigye – after verifying his CIA connections. They wouldn’t – never General Muntu or even Mandala Mafabi. They won’t touch dirt.

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