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Baylor College praised as Uganda marks World Health Day

US Ambassador Deborah Malac administers a vaccine last week. COURTESY PHOTOS
US Ambassador Deborah Malac administers a vaccine last week. COURTESY PHOTOS

As Uganda prepares to mark World Health Day with celebrations in Mityana, the US Ambassador Deborah Malac last week visited the Baylor College of Medicine-Uganda Paediatric Center of Excellence (COE).

Funded by the U.S. Government through the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Baylor-Uganda leads the way in HIV care and treatment in children. 26% of all HIV positive children in Uganda receive care from Baylor, with the COE supporting 23 districts in providing comprehensive services.

In their commitment to improve Uganda’s health status, the US. Government has invested more than $83 million in Baylor-Uganda over the past five years.

During the visit, Baylor Children’s Choir welcomed Malac with a song about uniting against before she toured the clinic administered polio vaccine to one of the baby’s awaiting medication.

“I have seen the care and work you provide to the clients, and appreciate all the medical personals involved. The U.S government will continue supporting your efforts for the successes registered,” Malac said.

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Acting Executive Director, Albert Maganda confirmed that 90% funding comes from U.S through the CDC. They spend up to sh90 billion per year and government contributes towards the infrastructure, workers and drugs from National Medical Stores.

Baylor HIV Paediatric HIV Clinic is the Center of Excellence and supports 580 health facilities.

The investment has contributed to HIV infections in children decreasing by 69% from 2009 to 2014 and achieving a positivity rate less than 5% among 20 districts. The Saving Mothers, Giving Life project has reduced maternal mortality rate at 45% over 2years in three districts.


Diabetes the focus during World Health Day celebrations

The theme of the Mityana celebrations this month will be “Beat Diabetes: scale up prevention, Strengthen care and enhance surveillance”.

Manager Clinical Care, Dr. Jacqueline Kanywa informed the US ambassador that, “diabetes is mainly caused by our life styles and genetically inheritance but at Baylor Clinic, surveillance is performed on children about weight gain.”

“We need more physically activity in our daily life as opposed to sedentary living. Move around don’t sit all day at work. The only way to improve our life styles is by eating healthy, engaging in medical checkups and being physical fit.”

Director of Health Services, Anthony Mbonye said, “The Ambassador had come to assess the proper management of funds through administering treatment and laboratory services. The center provides comprehensive care with parents’ involvement, nutrition, HIV treatment and others.”

He dismissed false allegations on drug stocks running out. There are no country stock outs because of the monitoring processes performed on stock levels.

On HIV, Kanywa encouraged the public to test for and adhere to HIV treatment administered: in terms of taking right doses at the right time in the right amounts without mixing with herbs.


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