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Bayern coach Flick celebrates victory but remains cautious

 Bayern Munich coach Hans-Dieter Flick

Kampala, Uganda | XINHUA |  Bayern Munich coach Hans-Dieter Flick celebrated his team’s 8-2 victory over the equally giant Barcelona on Friday evening in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals in Lisbon.

The German said he is very happy with the result, but remains cautious about the next game.

“We played an incredible game. We are happy and satisfied, but we still have two games left. We knew that anything could happen,” Flick told reporters after the match.

“I’m happy with the performance today, of course. It was impressive,” commented Flick. “Result? It is impressive and it is a signal that we send to the other teams. We have to focus on the next game and prepare it in the best possible way,” he noted.

When asked by a journalist about something to improve, Flick replied, “Something to improve? After an 8-2, I don’t think I should answer a question like that. We can withdraw positive aspects. Pressure, recovery, things we want to do and that we did perfectly today.”

For the future, the coach expects a German final, as RB Liepzig are already in the semifinals. “I am happy for the other German coach who is also in the semifinals. We are among the best in Europe.”



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