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Baptist Union to weed out untrained pastors

Baptist Union in Uganda intends to restore sanity in churches.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Baptist Union in Uganda has started phasing out none trained pastors because of numerous complaints about their conduct.

Many untrained preachers and self-styled “prophets” have been at the center of extorting their followers to enrich themselves.

Pastor Abel Ssegirinya, the president of the Baptist Union in Uganda says the move is intended to restore sanity in their churches without curtailing freedom of worship.

He was speaking at the graduation of 20 priests at Kwania Theological College, an affiliate of the Uganda Baptist Seminary Theological College in Jinja.

Pastor Thomas Opio Okene from Amuli Baptist Church in Kwania district is optimistic that the move will restore order in Baptist church.

“They are making demarcations on how the church should be conducted and who should lead the church. Yes, we have the calling but training is also very eminent. So I am very optimistic that the coming into force of this particular policy will actually help to create order,” Opio said.

Dr. Laura Dawson, the RTT Education Coordinator from America cautioned pastors against allowing false teachers in their churches.

The Baptist Union in Uganda comprises over 1,000 churches spread across the country.



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