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BACK TO SCHOOL: P1 return June 7, Senior 1 on April 12

▶ P1, P2 & P3 – June 7
▶ P4 & P5 – April 6
▶ P6, S3 & S5 – March 1
▶ S1 – April 12
▶ S2 – May 31
▶ Tech schools/Post Primary institutions – March
▶ Universities – March

✳ Feb 26 ▶ UCE Briefing
✳ March 1- April 6 ▶ UCE exams
✳ March 26 ▶ PLE briefing
✳ March 30-31 ▶ PLE exams
✳ April 9 ▶ UACE briefing
✳ April 12- May 3 ▶ UACE exams

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | The Ministry of Education has released a detailed timetable for all students to return to school after a year out of study due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The schedule released today by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports Alex Kakooza, will ensure the academic calendar 2020-21 ends in July.

Senior 1s, and the semi-candidates of Primary 6, Senior 3 and 5 will study longest – for 14 weeks. The rest will study for an average of eight weeks before the academic year ends.

Most of the classes will resume after the March and April PLE, O Level and A Level UNEB exams.

“The dates indicated on this calendar may only be varied after obtaining written permission, on an individual basis,” PS Kakooza said.

PS Education Alex Kakooza

Kakooza also confirmed the academic year ends July.

“Please note that academic year 2020 for primary schools, secondary schools and post primary education institutions will end in July 2021. Thereafter, a comprehensive school calendar for 2021 academic year, as well as a strategy for recovery of lost time, will be issued. Progression to the next class will be based on attendance and continuous assessment of class work and assignments.”

Semi-candidates first back to school

Primary 6, Senior 3 and 5 will report as earlier planned on March 1, 2021, study for 14 weeks and break off on May 21, 2021.

Primary 4 and 5 report back on April 6 after PLE exams. They will study for eight weeks and break off on June 4, to allow lower primary classes to report back and use the school facilities.

Primary 1, 2 and 3 will report back on June 7, 2021 and study for eight weeks, which will end on July 24th.

Senior 1 will report back on April 12 and study for 14 weeks, ending July 3.

Senior 2s report back Mary 31, after S3 and S5 classes break off and will study for 10 weeks, ending July 24.

Universities, post-primary and other institutes of higher learning will re-open in a staggered manner, from March 1.

With the schedule for return to school out of the way, several schools are struggling to prepare candidates for the UNEB exams due next month.



  1. Please check for P.6, S.3 and S.5

  2. But it would look better if you included nursery

  3. Good & fair structure

  4. The whole system mingled up, but we pray for the best.

  5. Good news

    • Simonpeter Kidega

      Every plan set by the ministry are all fine but now what about our nursery kids, they should be included too after thorough verification on SOP.

  6. But is this serious?

  7. So when are the s3 having uneb

  8. God should bless our Government.

  9. It becomes a nice idea because now hope for our children’s future ressurects.

  10. That good

  11. But this jumbled calendar is not for the issues of covid-19 if it was so children would still be infected. Achild at school can not be restricted of the social distance.

  12. Thanks for letting us know.


    Good. However, the timeframe for each class is too short. Nevertheless, hope for the best.

  14. This z our Government

  15. Yay…I still have plenty of time to copy notes and revise..😁😁😁

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