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Army retires 93 officers

Retired Army officers at Mbuya. URN_Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Army has retired 93 officers from the force. The function held at the military headquarters in Mbuya on Friday saw 17 Colonels, 13 Lieutenant Colonels, and 63 Majors officially discharged from the Army.

Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, presided over the retirement and urged the retirees to maintain discipline so that they can be accorded the same by the civilians with whom they are going to socialize every day.

Elwelu asked the retirees to always reflect on the image of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces whenever they are faced with tough challenges. “Remain disciplined and reflect a positive image of the UPDF in your respective communities. After you, it is we who are still serving to also retire. It is the path for all of us. Therefore it is good for you to create a good image and characters in the community so that we can also be welcomed thankfully,” Lt Gen Elwelu said.

Lt Gen Elwelu also asked them to always prepare their families to bless them when they are still alive because they now have time.

“They also require a daily income, give them what can enable them to go to for medical care because those are the most important thing,” Elwelu said.

Col Godfrey Okello who spoke on behalf of his fellow retirees said that the day is a special occasion as they gather to celebrate not just the culmination of their military journey, but also the enduring spirit of dedication, and service that defines the Army.

“I find it both a privilege and a responsibility to express our heartfelt gratitude on this remarkable day. We extend our deepest appreciation to our visionary leader the Commander in Chief and the leadership of UPDF for entrusting us with the privilege of serving our great nation, the Pearl of Africa,” Okello said.

Col Okello said the invaluable experiences, challenges, and opportunities have shaped them into the persons they are today. He added that they are truly grateful for the unwavering support, guidance, and mentorship provided by their superiors and peers throughout their military tenure.

“To you my fellow officers retiring today, I salute you for the unwavering commitment, sacrifice, and dedication to their shared mission. Each day, you demonstrated resilience and determination in the face of adversity, safeguarding our nation’s sovereignty and promoting peace within our borders,” Col Okello said.

Ugandans were urged to welcome the retirees into their communities and socialize with them. The soldiers, according to UPDF, joined the forces to protect Ugandans and they should thank them for their trust and support.



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