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When Anne Kansiime dropped a ‘bombshell’

Ugandan entertainer, comedian, and actress Anne Kansiime posted news Monday on her website and facebook page, “Anne Kansiime changes managment” that created excitement online. 


Sadly as they say, even good things must come to an end.
And as for you Mr Johnson Mujungu the mukiga normad destined to conquer the world, it has really really been a pleasure.
You have been my Personal Manager, my Mentor, my Cheerleader, brain behind #SharedBlessings and my career growth partner.
I remember very well you took me for my first gig abroad (London) even when I constantly assured how I had no idea what I would do once I got there but u never gave up till u taught me how to shine and that alone should show how much faith you had and still have in me.

Mbwenu as God is faithful to us all, I have grown and so has your business franchise in talent managing business #Grajohism hence the need to let eachother pursue individual dreams.
Like any child leaving their parents’ house, I know that I will surely keep running to you Johnson for advice and I pray to God that I don’t disappoint you and the ninjas God has given me.

To my ninjas, my journey with Johnson Mujungu as my manager may have come to an end but the friendship still stands. So, please love him with me whenever you bump into him.
I now introduce to you my long time business manager Emma Kakai who will with immediate effect also take on all bookings and other Kansiime businesses going forward.
Emma Kakai my dear, these are some big shoes to fill but with God, all things are possible!
Best wishes madam……….! Hahaha I can’t wait to haunt you officially.


Johnson Mujungu and Kansiime in London last month.

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